WrestleMania WWE to cut Sting promo at Wrestlemania 30?

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  2. Sort of devalues Taker v Brock tonight lol. Fuck Sting if he gets to face the Streak instead of Bray next year.
  3. A sting promo at mania.... :obama:
  4. Really don't see Bray going for the Streak next year. Or ever, really.
  5. I'm sort of on the fence about this whole Sting in WWE/facing Taker situation. I could see it being really good or really bad.
  6. Why? Their gimmicks are really similar. And Bray is being pushed as the top heel. If anyone is going to break the streak (and obviously no one should) it would be Bray.

    Sting will be 56 by next year lol fuck his old ass
  7. I hate this idea that people have that nobody should break the streak.

    WWE has the biggest way of putting someone over in the history of wrestling and people think they should just not do it, so a 60 year old dude can have a little streak? nonsense.
  8. Didn't say it doesn't make sense. I just don't see WWE doing it. Sting and/or Cena then probably retirement.
  9. I'm still on the side of the fence that says the streak should be ended to put someone who looks in line to be in the business way over for A LONG time aka Tyler Breeze :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. I could go Lockard and write an essay on why it shouldn't be broken but it's Mania night so I'm just gonna relax
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  11. IMO it just has to be a heel. As cool as it would be to see the "next top face" take down the streak in a sort of passing of the torch in a feud built on respect, I think their is too great a chance that the crowd would turn on the babyface and support Taker. So a heel like Wyatt would be ideal to end it.
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  12. By my watch there are like 4 hours until the show starts so why not at least give me some bullet points there slick?
  13. I wouldn't be opposed, Wyatt's comfortable in his gimmick, he's only 26 years old and he's looking to be in the business awhile, even if the Wyatt Family goes down in flames; there's always his real life brother Bo Dallas to have a storyline with if they ever ran out of ideas for Bray, he would be probably my top selection if I'm being truly honest about who should break it.
  14. Bray's only 26? :damn: :obama:
  15. Because I need to give my argument the time and preparation it deserves and I'm off to my mate's in a minute for the show
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  17. I'm pretty sure lol, i'd hate to be wrong and look foolish :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Lol do you just have these set aside for the perfect moments or do the scenes just come to you? Mean Girls is the tits, Kevin G is the man :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. lol, scenes just pop into my head usually. Its disappointing when I have the perfect line in mind but nobody has bothered to cut it into a short youtube clip for me :((

    Mean GIrls is awesome though. Good movie and prime Lohan was HNNNNG
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