WWE to extend taping time before RAW's

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 13, 2012.

  1. F4Wonline via Wrestlinginc report that WWE are going to start their TV tapings 90 minutes before RAW as of July 2nd, instead of teh 45 minutes that were before. Reports say that this is because Officials want somekind of countdown show or pre-show to air before RAW.

    The good ratings results of the Extreme Rules and Wrestlemania Youtube Pre-shows could have been what sealed the deal and means we might get a regular Pre-show/Countdown to RAW on Youtube or WWE.com before every Raw as of this summer.

    Until confirmed this is all of course just speculations.

  2. I don't think it's necessary... but I suppose it's enough time for one more match per show and tons of video packages.
  3. We all know the pre-shows are going to fucksuck.
  4. Maybe they should focus on doing a good show before worrying about pre shows.
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  5. This, a thousand times this.
  6. I think this would be good I hate watching house before raw wouldlove a preshow
  7. It will just be video packages we've seen on RAW/SD fifty billion times.
  8. Probably not. Since it's not on Live TV and on internet. They'll be able to do more. Maybe do like a Miz and cole segment.
  9. Monday Night Heat.
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