WWE To Hold Another Three Hour Raw Special in June

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 6, 2012.

  2. :gusta: hopefully it's 3 hours of Brock F5ing bitches, I enjoy that.
  3. King of the Ring? Please BITCH!
  4. Pipebomb raw.
  5. What does that even mean? ^
  6. @[Randy Savage] is going to be dropping his legendary pipebombs all over Monday Night Raw.

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    Punk's shoot occurred on a 3 hour Raw didn't it?
  7. 2 Hour RAW :pity:
  8. I think so but not sure it was on the special los vegas one where they had made stipulations.
  9. Oh, RAW Roulette.
  10. I despise 3 hour RAW's, unless it's for something like WWE oldschool, that was an amazing RAW.
  11. Yeaaaah well let's hope it has Lesnar and Rock on the show.
  12. At least one will probably be on with it being a 3 hour Raw, probably Brock.
  13. I'm very bearish on 3 hour raws. 99% of the time they don't have enough material to fill a 2 hour Raw.. 3 hour Raws are hard to sit through
  14. If they actually had an undercard I'd look forward to it. US Championship segment / title defence, tag-team title segment / title defence etc.
  15. Santino Segment would be epic Crayo FYI I love the sig
  16. OH YES!
  17. This 3 hour Raw better have some decent Brock action, along with matches that last longer than a few minutes and also I hope the divas get decent amount of time to
  18. Shouldn't that be "OH YEAH!!", Macho Man?

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