WWE to make major WWE2K14 announcement!

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2013.

  2. Plus we kinda saw the cover with the pre-order bonus right on it.
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  3. Perhaps it will be the return of two counts?

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  4. Everyone already knows Warrior is going to be in the game, big deal, don't care. If that's their big selling point then I expect the game to be shit
  5. It's not that they're selling is shit, it's that a lot of people know already, and WWE Games doesn't know that,
  6. I think they would know. It's their business to know these things. I think they just dont care. Warrior was already shown on the cover as like DLC or something
  7. But I do think they're only going with it because the majority of WWE fans, not WWE Games fans, don't know yet.
  8. Don't really care. Why do they live in the past? Doesn't make sense
  9. I dunno Ultimate warrior is kind of awesome.

  10. from wwegames twitter account
  11. Is that the big announcement?
  12. The Ultimate Warrior sounding sane? ..... I am in Bizzaro world.
  13. Saw this thread and came in to say, "I hope the 'major' announcement isn't, 'Hey guys, Ultimate Warrior is in the game! Woo!'" But yeah, apparently it is. :facepalm1: Not sure how that qualifies as a major or even big announcement, but I guess #WWElogic prevails.

    Got this via email:


  14. I guess the fact that he is still alive is big enough of a deal. And lucid as well.
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  15. they did all of that to announce he's in the game :haha:
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