News WWE to stop numbering Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. So if true. Not only does McMahon hate new things, but he hates traditions as well.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Crazy Old **** is a wrestling promoter who wishes he was anything but a wrestling promoter, and has delusions that people see him as something other than a wrestling promoter. The first 30 seconds of the Austin interview showed the massive insecurities and psychosis this man is infected with.
  3. Not that big of a deal imo. It's not like any other PPV uses roman numerals either. Ten years from now when we're referencing the Royal Rumble PPV from the other night, we're not gonna be calling it Royal Rumble XXVIII, we're just gonna be calling it the 2015 Royal Rumble. Same with any other PPV event in history. No reason why it should be an issue if we have to start doing it with Wrestlemania as well.

    That said, I still don't agree with the move because the use of roman numerals is part of what gives the event the aura of being a timeless entertainment spectacle. No different than the Super Bowl using them as well (and Wrestlemania is meant to be WWE's own version of the Super Bowl.)
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  4. \_/, can't lie.
  5. So, next year will be known as WM 2016 when referenced?
  6. Gross, reminds me of "wrestlemania 2000"
  7. I don't mind the use of symbols, really. But to cut out the numbers behind Mania is makes it sound like it's been going for a long time, traditional, if you will. Having the number behind the name indicates that this event has been around for ages and is something that needs to be seen.'ve done a good job with the WWE, in general. However, you've lost touch lately and really need to leave certain things alone.
  8. Crappy decision.
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  9. Hope not
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  10. At least put "31" on the logo then. I don't want for each WM logo to pretty much look the same, what is wrong with Vince? The numbers make it sound even more epic to me, with the history behind each WrestleMania. Small things like these piss me off.
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  11. The larger the number, the longer the longevity.
    We're not talking about a human being old, we're talking about the legacy of the number one event in a company's lifespan.
    WWE has no problem informing us of RAW's milestone's, do they? 1000 RAW's, 15 year, 20 on.

    Like marriage, the more years the more prestige. If this were Summerslam I'd buy it, but we're talking about the Super Bowl equivalent (as Lock pointed out).
  12. Either Vince McMahon is really trying to shake this "Out of touch" thing or he is legit losing his mind.
  13. I think it's the latter.
  14. Seriously though, lol @ anyone who gives this a second thought. It doesn't matter.
  15. Think it's silly to care about this or not, it's still an odd decision at best.

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  16. It'll be a lot better to remember "Wrestlemania in 2015" than "Wrestlemania 31", but "Wresstlemania 30" >>> "Wrestlemania in 2014"
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  17. The numbers make it sound more historical, it masks the new-age shit (Divas Invitational) that seeps in.
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