WWE took away Anti-John Cena signs

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  2. Given that black sea of Cena Sucks signs, they sure as hell didn't do a good job.
  3. This is beyond pathetic. why shouldn't people be allowed to voice their opinion..
  4. WWE is pathetic when it comes to signs.
  5. ... Yet they sell Cena Sucks shirts.

    How does that work out?
  6. They probably wanted that extra money. If you want to address your opinion, wear it on a shirt. Nobody will take your shirt off you.
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  7. pics or it didnt happen :burns:
  8. It's funny that they do this. It is only going to make Cena haters even more vocal when they get into the arena, so WWE is really fucking themselves every time this happens.
  9. So fans pay good money to go to a show but yet cant take any signs they want that is bullshit
  10. I call slight bullshit because the Cena sucks signs we saw were all the same and look like the ones WWE actually sell.

  11. :pity: money hungry hypocrites they are
  12. I didn't know WWE sold "Cena sucks" signs. haha
  13. Wait... so they are confiscating the "Cena Sucks" signs, so they can force the fans to buy the WWE-approved ones?

    Good fucking grief. WWE will do anything for a quick buck.
  14. Lol it's like "If you're going to boo the guy we shove down your throat, you at least have to pay".
  15. :lol1: WWE is a very well, money oiled machine.
  16. Meh, normal.
  17. WWE doesn't sell signs? :urm:
  18. This. WWEF gets closer to this every day. :crayo:
  19. Stuff like this makes me hate WWE. I should tattoo Cena sucks on my forearms and let them try to confiscate that :win:
  20. They would probably just refund your ticket and tell you to :gtfo: