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  1. WWE Top 10 RIP OFF GIMMICK OF ALL TIME! A list wrestler who rip off a other wrestler gimmick do you have a listed?​

  2. Ryback rip off Gilberg list top of all time!:pipebomb:
  3. Punk's Straight Edge society gimmick was VERY Heavily inspired/ripped off of Raven's flock. With some Charles Manson thrown in but it was obvious that he took a lot from Raven when he did it.
  4. Gohan6425 ripped off CM Punk! :pipebomb:
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  5. how raven not straight edge!?
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  7. Insert loud fan pop.
  8. The straight edge part he added. But he modeled the stable and cult leader/leader of the lost and outcast schtick after Raven's character in the original ECW. Just like the Punk with his straight edge society. Raven led a group of social outcasts that flocked to his brainpower and charisma, thinking that he could lead them. And it became a cult, just like Punk with Serena, Gallows and Mercury. Punk just added his own spice in the form of the straight edge spin on it.

    But if just adding your own shade to it makes it original, then Ryback isn't a Goldberg ripoff, since he made the Goldberg gimmick his own by wearing a singlet and not having a beard. If we use the "straight edge society is original because straight edge" logic.
  9. Ric Flair.
  10. Goldust was shades of both "Exotic" Adrian Street and "Adorable" Adrian Adonis. And Adrian Street himself had similarities to Gorgeous George (though not technically a "ripoff", more of an inspiration.) Ryback had obvious strong similarities to Goldberg when he first debuted but ended up developing more of his own distinct character when he became the bully known as "The Big Guy." Damien Sandow is a lot like The Genius, an intellectually snobby character (similar thing with Christopher Nowinski.) Ric Flair took a lot from the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers - the nickname, the robe, the figure four leg lock as a finisher, etc. The Godwinns carried on the tradition of the hillbilly gimmick that Hillybilly Jim (who managed them) and Uncle Elmer were doing a decade earlier. Hulk Hogan took certain mannerisms from "Superstar" Billy Graham (as did Jesse Ventura.) Jeff Jarrett took the gimmick of using the guitar as a weapon to smash over people's heads from Honky Tonk Man. JBL and ADR to an extent were both rich, pompous guys that were obviously inspired by "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. The worst example of all is The Renegade from WCW trying to imitate the Ultimate Warrior (and failing so badly he ended up killing himself over it lol.) Etc., etc.
  11. He just didn't have that Ultimate Mass.
  12. Dude does that mean DX Ripoff nWo!? NO! CM Punk did not copy raven at all! He had a straight edge group raven had something different!
  13. I don't believe he is saying he necessarily ripped off Raven, but rather a lot of what he did in the Straight Edge Society was similar to Raven's Flock
  14. uh what? did he get the hairs all cut off!? I don't think so!
  15. That is one part of it.
  16. SO I take it that Kurt Angle and even Vince getting his hair cut was a rip off to right!?
  17. What the hell are you talking about? Vince's and Angle's head shavings were because they lost matches. The times that Punk shaved people's heads were "symbols" of something relating to the SES' gimmick.
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  18. Yoshi Tatsu is considered a rip off.... right?
  19. hair shaving have been in wrestling for years it not a rip off.
  20. hair shaving have been in wrestling for years it not a rip off.
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