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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheWUKMaster, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. First Show - Top 10 Wrestlemaina Entrances

    05. John Cena Wrestlemaina 25 Entrance

    04. John Cena Wrestlemaina 23 Entrance

    03. Triple H Wrestlemaina 22 Entrance

    02. JBL Wrestlemaina 21 Entrance

    01. Edge Wrestlemaina 25 Entrance

    Thanks for reading and what top 5 should i do next
    See You Next Time

  3. top five threads of all time on any forum.

  4. This will always be my favourite wrestlemania entrance, it just fits Shawn in his obnoxious shithead time so well.
  5. I was going to use that
  6. Where's Rusev's entrance from last year's Mania?
  7. Trip's entrance at WMXXX was pretty cool. Him v Bryan should've been the Main Event.
  8. I disagree with that. Him vs. Bryan couldn't have been the main event because the match was for the right to be included in the WMXXX main event.
  9. Couldn't have? Sure. Should it have been? Positively. Had better build, more investment, and it played out well.
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