WWE top 50 good guys

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  1. I entered the site searching for news and found this, the like behind is the link where Jeff Hardy appears (you have to know why I picked that). Well, there are other great wrestlers there like "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and other not so good like RVD. I personally liked watching Hardy in a better position than HBK or Bob Bauckland


    Do you miss someone in that list?


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    if you want to know it, Bruno Sammartino is the #1
  2. I'm guessing this list defines them more by character than just actual popularity, otherwise Cena would not be #4 above The Rock and a handful of others. If this list was made before February when Bruno agreed to go in the HOF, you'd have never seen him top this list. Surprised also to see Hogan above Austin considering how up Austin's ass Vince is in saying he the greatest WWE superstar of all time over Hogan, and the jabs they've thrown at Hogan for being in TNA (they put him at #23 on their DVD of The Top 50 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time.)
  3. No, I think I'm pretty sure I saw a list of top good guys a long time ago and Bruno was #1.
  4. Sure you saw another before, WWE often makes this kind of things
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