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Discussion in 'RAW' started by dont talk just wrestle, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. :finger:

    what do you think of wwe tout. is it actually received by superstars. they have facebook page now i can see. it has already got 1000 fans. but do the wwe superstars actually reply us back.
  2. It's okay I suppose.
  3. yeah. ok

    it is interactive in a way that you can send your reactions about the wwe events. but i think that there should be a segment on raw for wwe tout. just a small 20 second segment before going for the promos.
  4. Maybe, I just think all this social media stuff diminishes what WWE should be about. Wrestling. They spend far too much time trying to become more socially active that their product is becoming awful.
  5. yeah you are quite right. such stunts are understandable in case of lower brands. but wwe have a well established market already.

    but on the other hand. if you look it from a global point of view. i think that this move is very good one. the reason for this is that in states you get to see the wwe superstars twice a week. but for the european and middle eastern viewers. wwe superstars are available only once or twice in one year. the rest of the year they can only see them on tv.

    so they can get a chance to interact with their favourite superstars. they will like it.

    but wwe should present tout in a more organised and repetitive way. and stop showing on tout what mark henry is doing thesedays. i mean comeon.
  6. As I'd say in a statement regarding Twitter...

    Tout :lol1:
  7. Whilst we're on the subject of Tout, it's an amazing investment by WWE. It's getting decent profits and it's growing massively. They've been involved since ground 0 so they could have a gem on their hands, no wonder they push it so hard on the live shows.
  8. I suppose that's a good aspect of it, don't get me wrong Tout is a fantastic product with a lot of potential. I see a few celebrities use it now as well Including Shaq, and many more.
  9. i used it once it's alright
  10. I actually cannot remember any tout segments for the last couple of weeks....
  11. aj had a tout segment lastly i guess
  12. sheamus used it on RAW
  13. Agree.
  14. it was cool
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