WWE Treating 1000th RAW Like a Top Pay-Per-View

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  2. Fantastic!
    We better be seeing some :otunga:


    You think we will be seeing Ambrose?


    Only problem is all those legends will probably be in matches against heels like Miz Otunga and DZ and those heels will most likely be beaten, i get sick of past legends coming back and squashing current stars.
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  3. Yah we better see :otunga:.

    Not sure but I hope so.

    That's true. Hate it when that happens. We'll see how it goes.
  4. I am so looking forward to this show. If they go into it with the mindset of making it a survivor series/Wrestlemania/Royal Rumble quality show then we are in for a treat.
  5. Only problem is last RR and Wrestlemania were pretty boring, i feel like such a pessimist but with recent Raws im finding it hard to expect much. :facepalm1:
  6. I sense an Ambrose debut.
  7. Umm... when was the last good WWE Top PPV?

    Oh, well, should be an improvement. It can get worse than it is now though.
  8. What if Great Khali was WWE champ, would it be worse then? :ace:


    Definitely, would be the perfect opportunity with Foley being there, any other time would just feel random
  9. Exactly. Crayo's said for the past 2 weeks "be optimistic, at least it can't get any worse", and then it got worse. So Crayo, stop it. :ace:
  10. IT WILL BE MUCH MUCH WORSE!!! :otunga:
  11. Looking forward to it.. hope its good :((
  12. If you mean the big 4, quite a while. If you mean in general, Extreme Rules and Over the Limit were of high quality imo.

    To be honest, last weeks got a rating over 0 for me, the week before didn't. So it was better. #Optimism
  13. If they're putting so much emphasis on the show, it'll probably be decent. I hope the legends don't get much air time, and that if there's a debut in the show, I hope it's Ambrose.
  14. Wrestlemania was a good show IMO.

    They could make this a fantastic show. I think they may well do and.. if I were in charge I'd be half tempted to do something like a Lesnar return with him destroying half the legends or something.

    One thing that gets me though..why isn't this at MSG?
  15. i want to see some classic matches and not just have Cena, Punk, kane etc i want to see some old rematches. love to see steve austin give McMahon a stunner just for old times lol
  16. PLEASE, PLEASE, dont book it like that legends smackdown program. Rowdy was the only thing worthwhile in the whole deal. I want to see old superstars, but i DONT want to see them pretend they still have it, when they clearly dont. (Example, how many cobra clutches do we need to see? Jesus)

    I want to see some of the old timers, but not at the expense of seeing someone like Dolph or even the likes of Miz job for. They are 60, stop pretending they are actually better than someone half their age. This also includes SCSA, sorry people who want to see him in one more match, the only way i want to see a stunner is if he does it to Vince, that, i would mark like crazy for.
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  17. Great post, agree with everyhing you said, its so out dated seeing mid card heels job to 60-65 year olds. :upset:
  18. I like how this thread doesn't have any negative nellies. Not much to be negative about tbh. +1
  19. I honestly think 1000th RAW = Summer storyline revealed. Whoever is getting it is in for one massive push.

  20. That would be good
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