WWE treatment of Zack Ryder

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  1. Interested to hear the thoughts about WWE's treatment of Zack Ryder since WM.

    I personally think it has been appalling to build him up like that, win easily the best match on the card at WM looking so strong and credible with the fans really responding to him, only to have him lose the title the next night on RAW to THE MIZ!!!! THE F***ING USELESS SPECIMEN THE MIZ!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!?

    I really felt for him. I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes with Ryder but the WWE seem to double cross him and burst his bubble at every turn. This is the worst thing yet. He was a surprise inclusion in the match at WM and certainly nobody expected him to get the win, but what a reaction he got.

    He has a great look and tonnes of potential for the future. I wanna see more but to have him lose to The Miz is just despicable not to mention the damage the IC Title is getting in the hands of The Miz. I know he has previously held the title and WWE title but he is a joke character in recent times and certainly not rated by the majority of WWE fans.

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  2. If you felt for him, they did their job right. Ryder is getting character development, something he hasn't had for years.

    Ryder is getting set up to be solid midcard babyface and the Miz, being the best old school heel on the roster and one of his best friends, is the perfect foil for him
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  3. I'm from LI and Zack Ryder is one of my all time favs, when they did the predictable and made him lose the belt just 24 hours later I wanted to break a window. the part that really upsets me is that this is for a total divas angle! WWE better do the right thing and give Ryder back his championship.
  4. It was predictable, to say the least, that Broski was dropping the title the next night on RAW. I didn't mind it one iota, 'cause I knew it was coming.

    Now, I wasn't expecting The Miz to be the one to take it, I thought it was gonna be either KO or Corbin (and that Ryder was well on his way to being irrelevant again), but The Miz winning ain't as bad as people are making it out to be. It could've been worse, could've been Strowman, FFS.

    Look on the bright side, from here on out, Ryder probably won't be positioned as a jobber he's been these last couple of years.

    Also... People need to sod off with all The Miz hate. It's not like he'll remain the IC champ forever, he'll drop it back to Ryder, I am sure.

    The guy is a good heel and knows how to get people to hate him, so Ryder regaining the title should feel even sweeter when it happens.
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  5. After the dust has settled, Zack has been depushed again. Cesaro is now the #1 Contender, and Ryder was no where on the show. They didn't do their job right. They wanted a surprising/shocking moment for Mania and fucked everyone who supports him again. I wouldn't care if he lost the title, but at least have him on the show. What a waste of time, effort and money.

    I find it completely half-ass to do something like that? Why not give the guy a month? It made 0 sense.
  6. And considering the infinite amounts of air time WWE has every week with all of the tv shows and network shit they do it makes it even less forgivable.

    I mean if you have a roster of 80 guys and one 2 hour tv show a week it would be tough. WWE has all day every day to create stars and push stories/characters with the way social media is in 2016, but instead you just get herky jerky start/stop no real means to an end bullshit. I realize continuity can be a real bitch when you are on 365 days a year but they are too all over the place for anyone to give a fuck outside of the one coherent and often boring as fuck main storyline they have going at the time.
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  7. Poor Ryder, I guess after this week's RAW, he's done with the IC title.

    Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up helping Cesaro dethrone Miz at Payback and then proceeded to feud and win against The Miz.
  8. Ryder was a transitional champ with a feel good moment thrown in, it wasn't intended to be anything more than a tool to push The MIz I'm guessing.
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  9. Ryder could be money as the big midcard babyface champ but WWE clearly don't give 2 fucks.

    I'd like to see Miz vs Ryder vs Cesaro tbh as the big midcard feud, but for them to not even build up Ryder defending against Miz at Payback... it kinda sucks. They could've given Miz a few wins here and there too to build his credibility, seeing as how recently he hasn't been that great.
  10. I'll remain a bit positive until I see the Smackdown results. It is obvious by his treatment in NXT that at least Hunter sees some value in Ryder, even if it is just as a solid hand who can work with younger talent to help establish them.

    Hopefully Mojo's inevitable call up results in something for him
  11. I'm guessing The Miz is also a transitional champion, too. I'm not feeling The Miz, never have, and probably never will. I mean, I like the Hollywood gimmick, but at the end of the day, he's bland.

    I'm guessing they're positioning Ryder for Money in the Bank ladder match for the IC title...
  12. He's going to lose the title to Cesaro and have Cesaro get the big IC push leading to a ME.
  13. Eh why not just transition from Owens to Cesaro and have Owens retain at Mania then? Seems odd.
  14. Because Owens is moving into a feud with Zayn where he needs to look strong. And by WWE logic losing a title makes you look weak.
  15. The fact that he complains to Shane o' mac about "being screwed out of the [x] match or the [x] title" doesn't help, either. Shitty bookin' there, WWE. I give the story credit, though: It plays to a Owens vs Zayn feud.
  16. No. That's perfect booking. He's a hypocritical heel. He's supposed to bitch and moan about everything going against him.
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  17. He did lose the title though and then lost to Cesaro clean anyway. Miz is probably getting a run with the strap.
  18. By WWE's logic getting pinned for the loss of the belt is worse. That's why it was a ladder match in the first place. Easy to protect Owens in that one.

    As for Miz getting a run. Yeah that's been obvious since he won it. Miz being one of the best old school heels on the current roster is one of the few guys who carries a belt well and enhances himself by holding it.
  19. Oh yeah, he's getting a run with the belt... Till Payback. Honestly, I can see him dropping it there. I can see them booking it like The Miz and Maryse are doing everything they can to screw Cesaro out of the victory, out comes Ryder, distracts The Miz and his wife and bam! Cesaro wins.
  20. No I mean he'll probably get a strong reign with it, there's no reason to hotshot it to Cesaro at Payback.
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