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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. The person who gives the best response for ONE of the following topics will recieve $4.
    * Note, you may only choose ONE topic, and there will be 1 winner.

    • What do you think of the "PG era", and in your own words, please explain why you think WWE chose to go in that direction.

    • In your own words, what do you think Vince McMahon, and the Board of Directors, could do to change WWE so the show would be more entertaining to the IWC, and fans across the nation.

    Each response should be a high quality response. If you want the $4, then your work better be appealing to me :emoji_slight_smile:

    Goodluck, and begin!

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  2. *****Topic One.**********
    I personally see it as a pure business motive to boost profit margins rather than a benefit to the fans. They are driving their old customers away so they can target a younger audience

    WWE Chose the PG Era for a variety of reason. A very important reason was the fact that more and more children showed an interest in the product that is WWE, this caused them to address the vast amount of ages who were viewing the product and due to Television Laws, a change was imminent for WWE in order to adapt to the new demand that was coming from younger ages. Another reason this is, by making it PG, it makes it allowable for the whole family, which means more tickets being sold and more PPV's being booked.

    Another reason, looking at a business angle is the extremity of wrestling. Around the 90's, Corporate Social Responsibility came into effect and to the public's knowledge, this basically was making the business more ethical in order to gain a competitive advantage over it's competitors. WWE's programming would not be suitable for all, and at the time they did not do much for the world. They took the initiative to start to become more ethical, which they promote all the time on their website and on the shows of their charity work, etc. This allows them to benefit more and as it is PG, Parental Guidence, parents will see this also and trust the company as they see it performing Ethical Responsibilities.

    WWE also doesn't have to employ people to censor and it establishes a good relationship with people like the FCC. By also going into PG, there marketing is allowed to air at anytime, as it will not be subject to watergate laws if it is PG.

    Children are also known for demanding products from their favorite television shows. Look at Ben 10 and all the merchandise they sell. By making it PG and using Babyfaces to boost sales, and also to mimic the wrestling as they do not want them performing the wrestling themselves, so getting action figures or video game characters to do it is a safe way.

    Another reason would be our era. We live in the technology era, where kids watch vast amounts of TV daily. They want to boost ratings by allowing children to watch their programming at peak ours, 7pm. By switching to PG, it allows them to accomplish this also
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  3. I am not going to go for the money, just want to add my opinion,

    I think they went in the PG direction so they can milk the crap out of the children.[/align]
  4. This hardly counts as trivia, Ryback. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Opinion is more fitting.

    Sackfist took the words out of my brain! Sorry. Won't participate. :emoji_wink:)
  5. Very well written and thought out @[Sackfist]. I'm going to let this competition run during the day tomorrow too and decide around 9 or 10pm EST tomorrow.
  6. I cant compete with sackfist
  7. Don't not post because you "can't compete" with someone. You can't win if you dont try.
  8. ***TOPIC TWO***
    This one is a bit of a tricky one really, as you have to take into account not just a young age group, but also an older age group too. On top of that, you also have to consider the fact not everyone will like the same things.

    One thing I think Vince and co could do is interact with the fans more by doing polls, and while I’m not really in the know, from what I remember I have only seen one poll take place, and that’s with AJ being the special guest referee, bringing in more polls say for example, what type of match will be contested between 2 wrestlers would make the fans feel that they can also have a say in WWE universe and hopefully change it for the better.

    Another thing would be storylines, I know it’s hard to cater for a lot of storylines due to the size of WWE but recently I have been really enjoying the storyline between AJ, Puck, Bryan and Kane, and while I know this storyline hasn’t been to everyone’s taste it as been enjoyable to watch, so maybe storylines that feel like real-life and maybe make people feel attached to the story that makes then wanting to keep watching to find out what happens next.

    Also matches, while we have a wide variety of matches already, and right now I’m not too sure what matches we could add in, but getting rid of matches like the Tuxedo’s and replacing that with something a bit more entertaining would be nice, I can see why people like it but for me, it is just a bit boring.

    They could also maybe introduce a new show, one that is aimed just at kids, so the wrestlers will come out and just do daft things like make a fool of themselves to make he kids laugh and what not, as at the moment I think Raw and Smackdown.

    I know this isn’t a great response, but it’s better than nothing :haha:
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  9. @[Crayo], I know you don't want the money, but I'd really like to see your opinion on one of these topics.. preferrably topic two.
  10. Urm, if you insist.

    Topic Two: "In your own words, what do you think Vince McMahon, and the Board of Directors, could do to change WWE so the show would be more entertaining to the IWC, and fans across the nation."

    Concentrate on the whole show instead of the money-making part. What do I mean by that? Well it's simple - WWE currently seem to only care about the title situation, Cena and these more common "dream matches" that seem to happen now. Why? It makes them the most money. Cena is the biggest draw in the company by a mile, Lesnar is a huge draw for the time being, HHH is a big name which sells and the title is Vince's pride and joy, and the biggest title in WWE. They get all the attention.

    They need to concentrate on the midcard, establish the younger talents into over mid-carders like Cena, Orton, Bret Hart, HBK etc all were when they weren't headlining. Watch WWE even just a few years ago in the ruthless aggression era, watch how prominent the midcard was.

    Another thing which they can do is concentrate more on a more variety and frequency of storylines. Currently every week on RAW we'll have matches like Khali vs X which doesn't mean anything. Santino vs Swagger is an example of that last week. There was a random match - not for the title - and it wasted time. No one was into it, no one cared about it. Why should we care about a match they just put on the show to fill time? Instead, they could have developed a storyline for example Tyson Kidd. Have Damien Sandow actually do something by interrupting Kidd. Or you could have developed a feud for Ryback. So much can be done in these short periods.

    I would like to see a more edgy product. 90% of their audience aren't kids, so why should 99% of the show be catered to them? I understand it's PG but we've seen with Rock v Cena and Cena vs Brock that you can do a lot with PG - you're not as limited as people want you to believe. Edgy doesn't just mean edgy promos and edgy actions, it can be anything. You can just take more risks, have more originality. Remember when HHH broke into Orton's home and beat the shit out of him? When was the last time we had something like that? There needs to be more variety to the show. We know they can do it, it wasn't too long ago where Nexus took Bret Hart, put him in a limo, crashed it into multiple cars, took him out and left him in the car pack with broken bones. How awesome was that?

    More build to storylines is the key one though. If you have 6 or 7 storylines going at once, you can easily build them with RAW and SmackDown being "Super shows". They need to utilize the backstage segments, cut a couple PPV's so it's 4-6 weeks before the next instead of 2-4. Also - you may be shocked at this - but they should actually use the awesome video package team more often. I know we get tons of video package recaps on RAW, but they're recaps. On TNA before every match at a PPV they show a video package - normally consisting of a relatively decent storyline - before every single match. That helps the viewers and the crowd get pumped up. WWE's video package team is exceptional, they're very talented. I'm sure if Santino vs Swagger even had an original or decent storyline and video packages advertising it/getting people pumped up then people would actually enjoy the segment instead of shitting on it constantly.

    Wrote this insanely fast and off the top of my head, but that's the main gripes I have with the current product. I'm sure I'll remember a lot more but oh well.
  11. :damn: You said you wrote that insanely fast? That would've taken me about a half hour to type all that.. Definately had some great key facts in your points.. and some good opinions as well. I'd have to say you and Sackfist are neck and neck in this competition.
  12. Crayo is desperate for that $4. :boss1:
  13. 10 finger touch typer ftw. I doubt my post count would be as high without that skill lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. I don't even want the money bro, just posted since you tagged me.

    Appreciate the praise. I could go on and on about the faults in WWE though, as many of us could. But as long as they're making record amounts of money then I don't think we'll see the change we all want any time soon.
  14. im going to have a crack at topic two but i think the pg era was brought on because i believe linda mcmahon was running some sort of political campaign at the time. not sure of the details but im sure someone on here knows


    In your own words, what do you think Vince McMahon, and the Board of Directors, could do to change WWE so the show would be more entertaining to the IWC, and fans across the nation.

    Having more wrestlers involved with the creativity. No I dont mean bring in Nash and Hogan as the bookers but having more wrestlers involved in the writing teams. They have taken steps in the right direction in regards to their producers but not the creative team. Shawn Michaels had this argument with Vince Mcmahon at the start of the Attitude Era after he was fined for "that in ring interview" with JR. He made the point that all the boys in the back thought it was hilarious and that these guys were true wrestling fans. As wrestling fans they know what true wrestling fans want to see.

    Not panicking if something doesnt work. How many times have we finally got a talented guy over. Pushed him to the top and finally getting the strap only for the politics to panic and slap the strap back on Cena because " OMG were losing ratings, noone wants to see him as champion". I mean why is Miz stuck in the mid card again? Wtf is swagger doing on an epic losing streak? Who have they properly put over in the last five years? Only one I can think of is Punk and thats because he is clearly amazing at what he does and they booked his storyline absolutely right. 9 times out of 10 this isnt going to happen. Properly blood your talent at the top and stick with them for a little bit. Establish them as Main Event stayers and your matches will actually hype themselves so we dont waste so much time on promos and last but not least

    Make your fucking matches longer!!. I dont want to sit through 10 minutes of promos to get a 3 minute match. You are a fucking wrestling show not a physical talk show. Yes I understand that mic skills are important and yes I understand that promos are an integral part of hyping matches. But how about hyping them with actual quality wrestling matches on a week to week basis. There is so much talent on your roster and an absolute sea of mid carders capable of wrestling for 30-35 minutes on a regular basis. Not that all matches should be that long but I do want the occassional match to go the distance. Its a much easier way of showcasing your wrestlers doing what they are actually paid to do. Quality matches = viewers, ratings and PPV buys
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