WWE trying to give Christian a story

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  1. Nice to actually have some focus on Christian. Would you make him a heel, or a face? Who would you put him up against straight away?

    Surprised no one made the Christian thread as this news has been going around for a couple of days now.
  2. I'd say a face for now. WWE has a good amount of heels, young heels that need to go over some veterans, and Christian would be a good choice. Plus, he could also put on some entertaining matches.
  3. Good for him, looking forward to him being back.
  4. One more match story! oh wait......
  5. Sweet. Christian as heel imo is better than face, but the WWE does need more top faces.
  6. WWE needs faces. Despite I am a CC fan, I know that he doesn't get much fan attraction but that's because he didn't have any long run as a face. That title reign with WHC as face was so short. But WWE needs a guy like Christian, it's a fact.
  7. Thought it was posted many times (but not recently) with generic titles like "backstage newz on Christian".

    Throw him at Dolph (seriously type Dolph's every time I type his name now) at Night of Champions (after Ziggler goes through either Jericho or Punk at Summerslam). Best storyline that comes to mind is having the fans' respect for Dolph go to his head and having Ziggler's ego really get out of control before well-respected-yet-humble Christian returns. It's weak, but there isn't enough depth to either of these characters to make a better feud atm
  8. Giving a shot at WHC for CC is good for now. After Payback hope it won't be Swagger or Del Rio. If Orton turns, he needs to get heat a bit. I think CC and Ziggler should feud on WHC. That will improve Dolph's mic skilss+ there will be nice quality matches.
  9. If they're going with face Christian they've got to try to make him interesting. He was wrestling great matches as usual last time but his character was boring, mostly because there was no character and he had no mic time, but still.
  10. Always face. I love Christian and the peeps thing for me always works, i just want to see him stick it out like Jericho and put over young talent.

    Ambrose. Now that Barret is stuck in his horrible feud still, id forget about wasting Christians time, and have him come back with the Shield using the "justice" angle on his deal with his peeps. Not a 3 man match, but his first show could end with him vs ambrose, and when the shield attacks, a handful of WWE backstage members would come out (sheamus orton kane and anyone effected by the shield all the way up to cena) with them pummeling the shield (not letting them run) to end the show. Sets up a lot of Christian mic time (which i like) and a ppv match.
  11. Well now that he returned, I would like to see a Christian/Ambrose feud over the US title in order to put Ambrose over as a credible champion.
    Plus, when was the last time that WWE booked a feud between 2 superstars over the US title?
    I think this is a great chance to put some focus on a title that has almost zero prestige and value.
  12. The last feud I remember for the US title was Ziggler / Ryder and even that was more hyped on YT than anything else. I've got to be missing something though.
  13. Here's one: FOAD.

    Who's mard???
  14. I don't think you are.
  15. Since then we've had Swagger, Santino, Cesaro, Kofi, and Ambrose. Nope, no feuds there.
  16. Cesaro ALMOST had a proper feud with Miz. Almost.
  17. Well I hope they make use of him properly because he can be a bit boring at times
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