WWE Trying to Make CM Punk Look Weak?!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. I am talking about the segment on Raw that revealed that Maddox and the Shield were working for him. It made CM Punk's victories look like a complete fluke, and that he couldn't beat anyone without their help.

    To me, this right here is a way to spit in CM Punk's face, and make him look like a fluke heel. I didn't like the way they went with it. The last time there was a 'fluke WWE Champion', he was never seen in the main event scene again (The Miz)...
  2. Doubt it. He looked strong against The Rock in his match, also Cena and Rock both hyped up his reign. Cena even admitted he hasn't beat Punk on his promo last night.
  3. To be fair, it didn't matter if they revealed that Maddox and/or the Shield were hired by Punk or Heyman or not. We all clearly saw that if not for them (and Big Show at Raw 1000, and Cena's shoulders accidentally being down at NOC), then Punk would have lost the title already.

    I don't care all that much, because Punk is a heel and heels generally cheat. His size makes it look like he'd be snapped in half by most of his opponents anyhow, such as Ryback, Rock, etc. Rock even did him a big favor by putting him over as a strong champion without focusing on the fact that he's needed help a handful of times over the past several months.
  4. I kinda agree with what deth said there, Cena and Rock hyping his reign is more than enough to make him look strong.
    It's only natural for heels to cheat in order to get their victories, although I have always wanted to see a heel that wins without cheating and booked to look stronger than the face.
  5. He beat Jericho, Cena, Daniel Bryan, and many others before without cheating. Remember he held the title long before he became a heel and defeated many many people. He didn't look that weak when you look at his whole reign. As a heel though, he cheated to get heat for people would hate him. Them being revealed to work for him adds to is character, it makes him look like a cheater, and people respond negative to cheaters, so that means more heat for him.
  6. KLockard delivers for the thousandth time.
  7. That didn't make punk look weak, that made him look like a mastermind.

    What made him look weak was the "I'll stand on the stage cause I'm a punk ass bitch" moment. Going from the best in the world, beating up everybody, even going toe to toe in a slug fest with rock before the rumble event, to not wanting to fight? JBL says we fight on Friday night, i guess cm punk ass bitch enjoys being on Monday nights instead and just talking out his differences like he went see doctor Shelby too.

    ~Three Said That~
  8. I recommend Mark Henry's 2011 run.

    Well, he's a heel, and in WWE pretty much every heel cheats to win. And it's not like the reveal makes Punk look any weaker than when the guys actually interfered in the matches, being in cahoots with Punk or not.
  9. Let's not forget that he's been a "cowardly heel" for most of his run, so he wasn't booked very strong to begin with. All he had going for him was the number of days he held the title.
  10. I think the shield/maddox was more about making guys like Ryback look strong, than Punk to look weak. 400+ days is not weak.
  11. Yeah, nice shout, they needed to find ways for Ryback to lose dirty.
  12. Forget about monster heels who destroy everything, it would be great to a heel who can win without cheating, just his attitude towards the fans and other superstars that makes him a heel.
  13. Yeah, it'd be nice.
  14. Antonio cessano? Hes been built strong so far as a heel
  15. I agree that made him look weak at the Rumble Match! But as for the Sheild help Punk all along I would not worry about that just YET! As that made it look like Paul Heyman was behind it woithout CM Punk knowing.
  16. He said "when CM Punk and I pay..."

    Pretty sure Punk knew what Paul was doing.
  17. That did? I did not catch that I though Paul just said Paul paid him?
  18. He said We. That would imply that Punk is at least okay with Paul doing it for him. But Punk is a heel, and heels in general are cowards, unless they are giants.
  19. The superstars put over Punk as a good competitor so they don't make him look weak. Punk is a small guy compared to Rock and Cena so naturally he comes off as week because of his size, but WWE does the opposite and makes him look strong by having him make guys like Brodus Clay tap out.
  20. Most all heels are hated because of their actions and how they treat the fans. If you're a great enough performer in the ring, then you can pull it off beating faces cleanly. Kurt Angle did. He beat Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Booker T., Rey Mysterio, Edge, etc. all cleanly as a heel and it didn't make them look bad at all. But he also cheated at times, too. Cheating is just a part of a heel's game.
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