WWE turning Mark Henry face?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Please WWE, don't be so fucking stupid.
  2. Sexual chocolate is back in town babyyy
  3. Still distraught over him jobbing to Sheamus clean so whatever they do with him, I don't care anymore.
  4. He should join Tons of Funk.
  5. You can't be fucking serious.
  6. How is Sheamus touching some corners jobbing? He didn't eat a pin or tap out, he lost nothing from that match.
  7. Also:

    "may be"
    *Point out what happened at ER, we all saw
    "there has been some talk"

    aka STFU ASHLEY this shit ain't happening
  8. Wait a minute... he left and is taking MORE time off?


  9. He just said "I'm going home". I wouldn't say you should read too much into that.
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  10. Haha, all it means is not having him on Raw. Bad enough.

    Something tells me with no DZ or WSM you'll probably take a couple of weeks off from watching WWE
  11. Even more for me to bitch about. Plus I'm genuinely interested in an angle for once, with Perfect Jr.
  12. If WWE didn't rape his personality as a baby face (which they might very well do), he could be a good baby face, in my opinion. Aside from always having to put a new person into the Hall Of Pain, he could maintain the same persona, only he's feuding with heels rather than faces. He'd be a good enemy for The Shield, Brock Lesnar, etc. I know the latter isn't likely to happen, but it'd be fun to watch. If he and Brock crossed paths, Henry threatening to re-open the Hall Of Pain and induct his biggest inductee ever would be awesome.

    That said, he's better suited as a heel. Ryback should have never turned heel and Henry shouldn't turn face. The role that Ryback is in now should have gone to Henry, in my opinion. Unless their long term plan is to have Cena transition into a feud with Henry at some point after the Ryback rivalry is done.

    I personally think Henry should only turn face at the end of his career. Have him and a heel become partners in crime for a short while or something similar and then they lose a big match or something doesn't go their way and the heel slaps Henry over it (I picture this as something a manager would do but there's none around) and then Henry absolutely crushes them and the crowd pops for it loud. I'm thinking of the way Andre was slapped by Heenan at Wrestlemania 6 and Andre turned back face for the first time in years by bitch slapping Heenan and Haku (his partner) to end his career on a good note.
  13. Losing to Sheamus is a death sentence on here apparently.
  14. I hate Henry been face, it's like sleep in a perfect day, BORING

  15. "Mark Henry? pfffft. He let Sheamus touch the 4 turnbuckles in sequential order before he could even do it! World's strongest man my ass, I'll never buy him as a believable monster again."- Dicks
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  16. They should! It worked out well for Del Rio!!
  17. Oh God no, you have got to be fucking kidding me, that's got to be a fuckin joke.
    Please WWE, anything but this, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, I'll no longer complain about Cena or sheamus being fuckin stale, I'll no longer hope for them to turn heel, but please don't turn Mark face. :please:
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  18. Hopefully this leads to Brodus Clay vs Tensai vs Henry in a dance off
  19. Or losing to Cena. Remember, if you lose to these two, your credibility disappears like Tommy Lee inside Pamela Anderson.
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