WWE tweet hinting at a new superstar?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jeremy, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Saw WWE tweeted this earlier. I've seen someone say that the picture looks the ROH logo. What do you guys think? Who could they be talking about?

  2. I doubt it's a new Superstar, it's probably just a return of somebody.
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  3. Solomon Crowe?
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  4. Lots of red and black. Kane? lolidfk.
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  5. Dat sig! :gusta:
  6. I am going with Kane.
  7. Sami Callihan
  8. Kane is an odd choice. Isn't he still kidnapped (and probably being regularly sodomized) by the Wyatts?

    Sami Callahan/Solomon Crowe is supposed to be a dark and foreboding character from what I hear and seems like the kind who would say what WWE tweeted.
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  9. Follow the buzzards in yer arse hole! :angry:
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  10. :win:
  11. BLFFL: It isn't Paige thats just a dumb choice.

  12. Matt Morgan bringing back the NWO Wolfpack.

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  13. Adam Cole?
  14. Just won the ROH World Title.
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  15. I don't think WWE would be hyping an NXT debut so I'm going to rule out Solomon(Callihan) unless he gets to skip developmental but I doubt that would happen. I'll go with Kane.

  16. This wouldn't surprise me with his new Twitter and all.

  17. Yes he did. :gusta:
  18. Oh yeeeeeeeeeah :gusta:
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  19. Makes me love the photo of him and me even more. I had a future champion's arm around me. :gusta: What's not to love?
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