WWE (Un)Officially Breaks Their Attendance Record

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. WrestleMania 32 Already Breaks WWE Attendance Record?, How Many Fans Are Expected For The Event - WrestlingInc.com

    Well, at least if you believe that the number for Wrestlemania 3 was worked anyway (Meltzer and others have always said the actually attendance that year was around 78,000), which would make WM29 the previous record with paid attendance of 80,676. They'll probably succeed in pampering the rest of the show with the remaining 16,000 if they have to, and then announce that they have a 100,000 or more people in the building.
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  2. o, the number 93000 is made up:damn:
  3. Well, if Meltzer reports, then it must be true. :otunga:
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  4. Just found it funny how the guy said they had to outdo themselves to draw. Actually, this proves that Wrestlemania just sells because it's Wrestlemania. I mean, the card has been pretty meh as of right now (only Brock vs Ambrose sounds good form the announced matches, and Dean isn't THAT big of a star to draw all of this). The only thing they have to do to sell over 100k is to make at least 100k tickets available, lol
  5. Roman is just a monster draw.
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  6. Ha ha ha
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  7. I'm glad people didnt take that too seriously.
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