WWE Unhappy with lack of reaction to Brie Bella

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. pwmania quoting Meltzer

    This oughta be fun. :happy: Hope some little drops of HQ content accidentally fall into this thread.
  2. WWE: no no no! Cheer for who WE want you to cheer for! We hand choose who gets pushed and you fans will LIKE IT!
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  3. Actually can't concentrate on what you post :gary:
  4. LolTotalDivas
  5. It's amazing they can expect any kind of reaction at all for a Diva. Unless they expect people to cheer from the bathroom.
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  6. Its because she was a huge bitch with her sister before the turn. Just because AJ starts talking bad about Total Divas she is supposed to be a face now? What face-ish things has she done? Be DB's fiance?

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  7. Besides everything (people not caring about Divas in general), there's no reason why people SHOULD like her. As trip said, she was being a bitch like a month ago and now for no reason we're supposed to like her because she's going to marry DB? Bad.
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  8. Didn't even know she'd turned face. The Bellas are just naturally unlikeable anyway.
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  9. That says it all right there.
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  10. She's going up against AJ.. Of course people aren't going to care about her.

    The Bellas have never got over.
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  11. lol #WWElogic

    They can't expect to suddenly turn the Bella Twins and the rest of the heel Total Divas into babyfaces without any explanation and expect it to go over with the crowd. They're probably hoping for some of the popularity from Daniel Bryan to rub off on Brie, but it's just not going to work when they've put minimal effort into Brie or most of the Divas roster for that matter.
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  12. Since when did Divas get reactions?
  13. Maybe because Brie and Nikki did TERRIBLE things to AJ back then, and they are pure evil, unlike AJ. AJ still has MANY more fans than Brie does. It can't get any more true than this explanation.
  14. Maybe she hasn't gotten any good reactions is because there was absolutely no build up to the turn at all,it was just like *poof* and she's automatically a "face" now.
    Also,I honestly don't think any diva gets a good reaction much less any reaction at all,so, the WWE shouldn't be upset because no body is cheering her. Maybe they oughta actually try and make the division somewhat interesting and then people might start to warm up to her.
  15. Brie > AJ

    Brie is awesome.

  16. You're just posting this to get a reaction from deathclaw..

    If I could be arsed, I would go and find quotes of you saying the bellas suck.
  17. Pipe down
  18. 1. Couldn't care less what Deathclaw thinks about my opinion because lets face it you say anyone is good she will disagree, If she can't take my opinion stay off a wrestling forum.

    2. I actually praise Brie, Don't like Nikki but I like Brie.

  19. And you are?
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