News WWE universe lashes out at WWE on social media

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. I saw this topic over on the other forum when lurking for anything newsworth. So I went through the WWE facebook page and the fans are laying into them with complaints about the PPV last night. Same on Twitter. Seems like the universe is turning on the WWE a bit.

    To create some discussion: What do you guys think about this backlash? Is it justified or should the fans "shut up"?
  2. I think last night was the final straw for a lot of people. This summed it up well:

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  3. I think it's totally justified. It isn't like they don't know what fans want and surely a good business gives the fans what they want- not just a part timer that came to promote a movie.
  4. It's exactly that kind of reaction WWE wants. It's going to bring more heat to the authority and Daniel Bryan will be even more over. But I have no idea how they are going to use their momentum though..
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  5. it's very justified. I could go into detail of why it is, but if you go on twitter, tumblr, or even youtube. you will find a list of reasons.

    WWE screwed up.
  6. Kevin Nash,
    El Torrito,
    Those were the Returns/Surprises and let me tell you... Its been awhile since I've seen two spots wasted like that with Torrito and JBL (if JBL had actually participated it would've been cool). I really think the WWE Universe is justified I mean, that was just horrid.. Not to mention they had two wrestlers advertised one publicly the other low key, Woods & Axel and they were nowhere to be found at this PPV.

    Also from Y2J:
    Was pretty salty to hear he was in Pittsburgh on Saturday and then not hearing his entrance on Sunday.
  7. I'm not sure if it's okay to lash out at WWE directly. I mean, they're not forcing us to watch if we don't want to. I think it's okay to bitch among ourselves if we didn't like it, but I wouldn't go insult the performers or the company on their own facebooks and twitters. Despite how it seems, they're probably doing their best, or they have their excuses or reasons or whatever.
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  8. I don't really care how the fans handle it lol. It is a poor move in WWE's hands to not push their hottest superstar, and to push someone who just barely returned, even if Batista is already over. At the same time, it could work for them since a heel Batista is much more entertaining than a face, and he could talk about Daniel Bryan in a negative way, saying Bryan didn't even deserve to be in the Rumble, they got him, or whatever. It also isn't even Wrestlemania yet, there's still a possibility The WWE Championship could be a triple threat match.

    Again, I don't really care what the other fans do, fans will always complain. I myself enjoyed the Royal Rumble match, thanks to Roman really. Batista can't even ruin that moment for me.
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  9. Let em bitch, it's their right. Doesn't mean WWE has to change shit if they don't want to. And they sure don't seem like they want to.
  10. Same people bitch yet continue to watch.
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  11. I was one of the complainers. Nobody I wanted to win won. It's part of the theory that they only won because of their ties with Triple H. It adds up to me. New Age Outlaws are the new tag team champions, Randy Orton is still champion(I wouldn't have really cared if Cena won either.) then of course the predictable happens with Batista.
  12. It's justified. The fans pay their salaries
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  13. Fans are definitely justified. If you pay tickets to see it or drop $$ on the PPV to watch at home, you have every right to voice your opinion. Just like you have every right to not watch it, and WWE has the right to ignore you.
  14. I wonder how many of the people who watched it actually paid for it :pity1:
  15. :urm:
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I did. :pity:
  18. Lol so did my uncle, it's the only PPV he orders. Still, doubt plenty of the people who complained paid for it.
  19. True, but I don't care about anyone else.
  20. Much rebel
    such coolness
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