WWE US Title Merge?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. I know it's not gonna happen but just imagine.
    "The Following contest is for the WWE United World Heavyweight Championship"
    [​IMG] :psycho::psycho:
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  2. That's as mouthful as WWE-WHC.
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  3. I hate that idea in very essence. they're already combining the WWE and World Title....it'd technically be 3 titles now.
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  4. It would be incredibly counterproductive to all the work they've put into the US title lately to just merge it into the world title.
    The Triple Crown Championship is All Japan's deal anyway.
    Triple Crown (open)

    The idea is interesting but I don't think WWE would go through with it. They are more likely to do what ROH does right now with Jay Lethal, who is holding both the singles belts at the same time and defending them separately.
  5. That wouldn't be great, especially since the US Title actually has a bit of worth to it now.
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  6. Yeah, they definitely shouldn't get rid of the US Title. Having two midcard championships (IC and US) is what works best.
  7. Hmmm it would be a good idea to merge the belts actually.. but not bill it as the WWEUWHC... just the WWE championship, lets think for a second... once the title moves off Rollins... will it still be popular again or will it just fade again? Thats what I think...
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  8. It would only fade again if creative let it. Cena's run with the US title really built it up. If they go back to treating it like they did when Ambrose held it, then it'll lose any value, but if it's booked like Cena's run then it'll be great.
  9. Thanks to Cena, the title's prestige has been restored. There's no need to ditch it. It's a perfect midcard title.
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  10. It would be tacky as hell. A WORLD title representing the UNITED STATES would be absurd. Unless you go by some weirdass logic of 'well, the us run the world' it still has a essentially weird ring to it. Also what people above me said about the US being worth too much to be discarded.

    The one positive thing is the belt would look really sexy.
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  11. An ounce. The US title was far more than mid-card city. It was far above its current prestige.
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