WWE video Game wishlist after WWE buys TNA.

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by DangerousDancingDan, Sep 21, 2016.

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    The Roster after WWE buys TNA:



    Match types from TNA:


    Create an Arena mode featuring:


    I want to heard your suggestions or ideas for WWE Video After WWE BUYS TNA?
  2. *if WWE buys TNA
  3. tbf WWE would probably kill TNA or make it something really retarded on the network.....ECW Version 3 or some gay shit like that. Best the games would get would be the superstars WWE decide to bring onto their main show. I'm pretty sure the first thing WWE would do is get that ring out and fix it up with their rings. Wouldn't get those match types either
  4. You are wrong about they don't do that type matches. Lethal Lockdown match aka WWE's version is called, "asylum"
  5. What? I never said they didn't do match types. I said the WWE won't ever include them even if they buy TNA
  6. Is the one time asylum match in 2K17? I don't think it is.
  7. Yeah right.

    You think I'm dumb or Stupid? I know it won't be in the WWE 2K17 cause that match type came about later there the Game development.
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    Why so defensive?
  9. "Wouldn't get those match types"

    In what world does that mean I said they didn't do match types? Read my messages correctly next time please.
  10. I'm not. I'm sure WWE will take those matches but they won't use it on TV like a PPV. I agreed on you at that. If they did take the matches. They'll probably rename to something else. LOL

    I did read. Maybe you need to more explain it better. Next time.
  11. Frosty. Why are you in so many arguments? XD
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  12. It's basic English dude. You should read it correctly before making assumptions
  13. They just seem to follow me around at this point :/
  14. I think you just like to start arguments. I just put my wishlist. What's wrong with that?

    What the world coming to. That I can't make a wishlist?
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  15. When did I say that you couldn't make a wishlist? I can't post a response to your wishlist stating my opinion on why it won't be in the games?
  16. I feel like this is getting a little silly for no reason. Let's leave it now.
  17. It didn't say that. I just wanted suggests and ideas for a game that might happen.
  18. Just ignore him, he's a tit
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  19. still mad? lol
  20. Nope, just giving this guy some advice to cope with your gob shite.
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