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    Im sure everyone in here knows about AEW now. So do you think AEW will be WWEs biggest competitor since WCW? Its obviously too early to know for sure. But it is looking interesting. The owners of AEW, the Khans, are worth like over 6 billion. Vince is only worth about 2. They also own the Jacksonville Jaguars from the NFL and a professional soccer team. Not too mention Vince will be focusing heavily on the XFL in these next coming years. There is so much at play here and i think the wrestling business is about to go through another big shift. What is everyones thoughts?
  2. They are not plowing all 6 million into it more like 100 million. To put it into perspective its about 1.5 years NJPW or 3 years of NXT operating expenses. WCW lost almost that in 1 year.

    Still its a billionaire bankrolling a pet project. It has parallels to WCW but enitely different scale and WCW at least had a bit or prestige left over from Jim Crockett/NWA at least early on+ Ric Flair. They will probably be more WCW 1989-1993 than the second coming of the Monday Night Wars.

    Still RAW has been shit. WWE/F fans tend to be wrestling fans. I watched WCW back in the day and would watch NJPW or AEW if it was on Netflix/was cheap and easily available.

    If AEW lands perhaps Omega or CM Punk could be interesting.
  3. Cm Punk would be a game changer. Though The Elite + YJ2 kind of trashed him while they were wasted on that wrestling cruise so idk if he had hard feelings over that. But signing Cm Punk would be big.
  4. Nah. I think it'll take time for them to develop. Right now it should be AEW vs TNA or ROH in terms of viewership.
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  5. Let's not give too much hype for AEW before it even started doing wrestling shows... I have high hopes too like everyone else but let's see what they are offering first.
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  6. Yes, but WWE will always be #1

    Omega would be a big deal, nobody would give a shit if Punk went there, he's old news, they're going to target some top WWE guys to.
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  7. People would give a shit if CM Punk signed lol. Wrestling fans care about stupid shit.
  8. I wish I could believe this but you know a huge chunk of people would still lose it for the dude.
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  9. he's old news..The Sheik.said.......Agree 100% C M Punk Care Factor NIL...........
  10. Worry about being as big as possible, not "beating WWE". Be the best AEW you can.

    I... Actually think there's a chance. WWE is in the place they are because they know the actual business side of things that matter. How to market, cross-promote, get brand recognition and sign huge contracts with billionaires... This has a much better chance of pulling stuff like that off than TNA did. Kenny and the Bucks have had nothing but success getting themselves over away from the machine. Add in a better product and convienience and you could have something interesting here
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  11. Khan has media contacts though which TNA lacked. And is a businessman.

    If they make good product and get a TV deal and have a somewhat decent promotional budget they might be able to do alright even if they lose money initially as its a vanity project ATM as Khan is a fan and he is richer than Vince. Its not kill off WWE levels of support though 5 years down the track maybe but I doubt it.

    Viable number 2 is doable though, at least in the short term. I owuld watch if it was on Netflix or otherwise easily available.
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  12. When an event not named WWE sells out an arena for the first time in almost 20 years that should say something. I don't think they'll take out the WWE but they would provide healthy competition not seen since the NWA and AWA maybe even the early Flair/Steamboat/Sting WCW. Because if you go one on one with Vince well we all know what happens. By one on one I mean like WCW at the end of the Monday Night Wars and TNA with Hogan