WWE vs The World

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Neilbomb, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. hey all,

    a little something I put together for piss and giggles. enjoy. (note-these are actually
    two posts in one as someone suggested it this way.)


    Hello! Ladies and gents! Welcome to a night of pain and pleasure. Grunts and groans
    as the WWE takes on the best the femme fatales of SHIMMER. These ladies ain't just
    pretty faces! Enjoy and comments are welcome!

    Ember Moon vs Solo Darling
    Alexa Bliss vs Thunderkitty
    Dana Brooke vs Sassy Stephie
    Nia Jax vs Jessicka Havok
    Alicia Fox vs Merecedes Martinez
    Naomi vs Hiroyo Matsumoto
    Eva Marie vs "Sweet" Saraya Knight (I'm bad-wink)
    Bayley vs MsChif
    Asuka vs Mia Yim
    Summer Rae vs Madison Eagles
    Natayla vs Lufisto
    Becky Lynch vs Rhia O'Reilly
    Charlotte vs Cheerleader Melissa

    I know a few of the SHIMMER girls are either in other organizations (Heidi in OVW, Melissa
    in LUCHA UNDERGROUND) or (semi) retired (MsChif), but a fun idea.

    WWE vs Japan

    Konnichiwa! Hello, WWE fans! Welcome to another action-packed, thrilling evening as the
    WWE takes on our awesomely talented friends from The Land of the Rising Sun. Grab your
    snacks and cameras and hold on tight! Any and all questions/comments/suggestions are
    welcome and encouraged. BANZAI!

    Asuka vs Hikaru Shida-20:08
    Sami Zayn vs Hiroshi Tanahashi-24:00
    Fandango vs Tajiri-10:03
    Enzo/Cass vs Togi Makabe/Tomoka Honma-13:17
    Bayley vs Aja Kong-12:46 (this is cruel-wink)
    Kevin Owens vs EVIL-17:18
    Finn Balor vs AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega-30:09 (Battle of the Bullet Club)
    Becky Lynch vs Lioness Asuka-12:06
    John Cena vs Masahiro Chono-16:09
    Tyler Breeze/Summer Rae vs Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Ray-10:01
    Hideo Itami vs Low Ki-27:58
    Nikki Bella vs Manami Toyota vs Mio Shirai vs Ayako Hamada-24:38
    Jushin Thunder Liger vs The Great Muta-25:00
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kota Ibushi-30:19

    thoughts? questions? comments? suggestions? I don't have access to NEW JAPAN or
    IPGW, or other organizations so there could be names I'm missing, but I hope this is
    entertaining enough.
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