News WWE vs. The Young Bucks

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  1. I find it interesting that they want the Bucks with them, but are destroying (or at least, trying to) them every chance they get. I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure JBL has said something about a Super Kick on RAW. I would mark if New Japan (Since they are the only Young Buck employers who carry any weight) took shots at WWE.

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  2. Them trademarking the 'too sweet' hand gesture is silly. If they ever wanted the Bucks signing with 'em in the near future and making their tag division (on the main roster) cool, then this is just silly and they're kinda pushing 'em away by doing this.

    Can't wait till they turn DZ into Young Bucks 2.0 and have him superkick people 10-15 times during a match, this might even happen at Mania. lol
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  3. But...but...why would they turn down WWE! for japan? :mad2:
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  4. :yes:
  5. Tentacle porn is something wwe can not provide
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  6. Well, it does look like WWE is taking shots at them. Maybe we're reading too much into it but if they truly are upset, what bitter fools lol. The biggest wrestling company in the world going out of their way to "poke fun" at two indy geeks.
  7. WWE's master plan is to ruin the Young Bucks. The world revolves around them, and WWE knows it!!1!
  8. I can't belive there's a thread about this shit.
  9. The war's already begun 'tween WWE and the Bucks. The first thing The Young Bucks will do is go to WWE HQ and Superkick everyone. :zayn:
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  10. So, it might turn out to be WWE vs The Young Bucks & Obama
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