WWE vs. TNA "Dream" Matches

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  1. Right you name a WWE vs. TNA Match (Please try to use wrestlers who have competed for either company from 2008-present) & Explain why you think it would be a good match.

    The person who posts after you will tell you if they like or dislike the match and give a little explanation why they would like it or not.

    I'll start:

    Triple H vs. Bobby Roode

    Both of the wrestlers have similar move-sets, and the same 'Style'. Both are good on the mic so the promo's would be enjoyable. If I was booking it I would book Roode to win but not cleanly.
  2. Samoa Joe vs Ryback would be an interesting clash IMO, ideally it would be the unstoppable Joe from around 06, Bryan vs Angle sells itself and Aries vs ADR (Last chancery vs cross arm breaker) Styles Vs DZ (imagine the selling) Kaz and Daniels Vs Cara and Mysterio.There are more but I cba to name them beyond Roode vs Punk.
  3. HHH vs Roode is quite a good call actually, I'd love to see Roode tear into HHH. But I'd probably prefer Roode v Punk.

    Bryan/Angle obviously, Aries/DZ, Styles/Kofi (weird choice I know). I want to see more of Bray Wyatt as I think him vs Joe could be fantastic.
  4. I agree I would like to see Samoa Joe vs. Ryback both are very aggressive in the ring and both have similar finishing maneuvers.

    Bryan Vs. Angle - Both fantastic in ring performers with fantastic technical Wrasslin' ability. Like you say 'It sells itself'

    Aries vs. ADR - could be a good match up, don't know what the promos would be like. :otunga:

    Kaz and Daniels vs. Sin Cara and Mysterio would be a good match up with plenty of pace and tempo to the match hopefully Kaz and Daniels would be the ones picking up the victory.
  5. Yeah I saw an image the other day which compared Roodes TNA career basically to Triple H's recent WWE career.

    Styles/Kofi - I know you said 'Weird choice' but what made you say that?
  6. Both fantastic athletes and incredible high-fliers, both fantastic sellers, great move set, it'd be incredibly entertaining.
  7. I suppose you have a good point. :obama:
  8. - Undertaker vs. Sting (obviously)

    - Kane vs. Samoa Joe

    - Bryan vs. Kurt Angle

    - Ziggler vs. Daniels/Styles/Kazarian/Williams/Angle/Zema

    - Triple H vs. James Storm/Bobby Roode
  9. Hardy vs Punk. Again? Yes, their matches were nice.

    Like Testify said: Taker vs Sting.

    Angle vs Swagger - Usa vs Usa

    Roode vs HHH

    Hogan vs Cena
    >> Obvious
    Flair vs Ziggler
  10. :dafuq:
  11. They ''are''/''were'' in TNA & WWE between 2008-now..

    The matches never happened. Big top guys Hogan and Cena, and Show Off/Pretty boys Flair and Ziggler going at it would be sweet. (If possible to pull off a good match ofc)

    Love your sig btw. :obama:
  12. I think he's questioning why you'd want to see those two battered hags facing off against Cena and Ziggler lol.
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  13. Because they we're goats back in the day..

    If they are able to pull it off, it will make lots of money, brah.. Fer sure.
  14. Lol this.
  15. I agree Cena Hulk would draw like a beast and it's cultural aspect is huge ( the two ultra faces clashing) but would it work out as a match? I suppose it could be similar to Rock / Hogan or Hogan / Sting at BFG with the right crowd. OK I kinda want to see this now, just for 80K screaming when Hulk tears off his shirt, I got chills at BFG when he saved Sting. Dammit Jose!


    From 15:00 if you don't get chills, I'd advise seeing a Dr your pulse must be in negative figures.
  16. Indeed. This was sweet.. :smug:


    Yeah brother
  17. Most of the good ones have been mentioned, but out of what's left:

    Lesnar vs a pushed Samoa Joe(doubt many will agree but meh)

    Storm vs Austin

    Ziggler vs Angle

    ADR vs Angle

    Roode vs Punk
  18. Kazarian vs Daniel Bryan. I don't have a reason why other than I want to see it.
  19. I completely agree both wrestlers incorporate a "MMA style" into there matches would be a very nice match to watch.
  20. Cole vs Borash!
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