News WWE wants to build African American babyface

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc

    Out of the ones on the WWE payroll now I'd say Langston or Xavier Woods have the best chance at being a long term investment. Xavier edging out Big E for me personally.
  2. Put the tag-team titles on the Prime Time Players after a face turn for them. That could work.
  3. ^ Just what I was going to say. Don't even have to turn them face, give the belts to PTP.
  4. Titus O'Neil would be my pick. Big E isn't African American, he's just weird
  5. Xavier > Titus in my opinion. More charisma in Woods and a more entertaining style to him. Plus Woods has age on his side and he has a damn doctorate. HHH is high on the boy.
  6. Don't even know who that is
  7. NXT guy, Young but experienced. Pretty darn entertaining.
  8. Racist.

    Xavier is awesome
  9. I'd pick some African guy to be honest. Maybe Kingston or Gabriel. Gabriel is playing a babyface role right now so it's a plausible option + he was great when he was with Nexus.
  10. Gabriel isn't African American (A black guy). He's South African, probably of colonial roots.
  11. :pity2:
  12. By African American they mean black. It's just a politically correct way of saying it. Gabriel would not fit into these plans.
  13. Actually, African American is a person who lives in American and speaks English but his ancestors are from Africa. As almost every single person in Africa is black they consider African American people black guys.
  14. As far as the current roster goes, Titus O'Neil is the only option I can think of. He's also entertaining enough and he has a good look to him. Plus, that barking lol.

    His age I don't feel would work against him either and the last I checked, Vince was said to be 'high' on him a while back.
  15. African American is the "Polite" way of saying "a black guy". Gabriel isn't black, ergo he cannot be the African American face of the company.
  16. It's another way to see it, but that's what I said. It's the polite way of saying a black guy because almost every single person in Africa is black. According to the dictionary the definition is something similar to what I said ( I consider African American to every African guy or with African ancestors living in America
  17. But it isn't what WWE wants. They want a black, American male to fill the role Rey did with Hispanics. How could Gabriel, a white, African man fill that hole?
  18. Then Kofi can be a good idea too. He has everything, he's from Ghana and he's black. And he's the one in Night of Champions poster so he may get a push and he'll be the guy they're looking for.
  19. I'd also pick Titus. Could see it being Big E, Woods or maybe even Kofi though.
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