WWE wants you to vote on the new tag champs name.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 7, 2012.

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  1. WWE are repeating what they did when they named Air Boom. This time having it's fans vote in a poll on what Truth and Kofi should be called. The results will be revealed tonight on RAW.

    I was sad I could not vote for Crazyboom :upset:

  2. Loads of people on Facebook were saying R-Boom.

    Kinda similar to Air Boom though.
  3. All the names sound corny as fuck.
  4. Re: RE: WWE wants you to vote on the new tag champs name.


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  5. Kofi Truthinson
  6. I say name them random team that nobody gives a fuck about and Kofi deserves better
  7. I don't understand how they justify Air-truth or air-jimmy. Since the air in air boom came from Evan "Air"Bourne. Sure Kofi is a high flyer from time to time but Evan brought the air with his lucha style. #wwelogic
  8. Kofi is really talented and all he needs is to cut good promos
  9. I think they'll just tag for now, while the tag team division resurrects. They're star power. Then, they'll probably drop the title to a fix team and end their run as a tag.
  10. Call it "git got"

  11. Little Jamaicans?
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  12. So catchy.
  13. R.T.T.N.G.A.F.A.A.K.D.B. for short.
  14. Introducing to the ring, R.T.T.N.G.A.F.A.A.K.D.B!!

    I think it can work. Nice call.
  15. Those names suck.

    How about just calling them R-Truth and Kofi Kingston since we all know they won't be a tag team for very long anyway.
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  16. Jamaican me crazy.
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  17. Okay that one made me chuckle. It gets a like
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