WWE Win-Loss Records in 2012

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. These only count Raw, Smackdown, and the PPV's. They're updated as of this moment, but if you can find anything inaccurate, let me know.

    Source: http://ampzone.weebly.com/winloss-records---2012.html
    Top 5 in Losses:
    1. Dolph Ziggler
    2. Cody Rhodes
    3. Jack Swagger
    4. The Miz
    5. Kofi Kingston

  2. Opened thread, not going to actually read. I want to see how far my predictions come.

    Sheamful top, Big Flop second? Or Ryback/Clay. Urm, I'd say Santino but I have no idea how many times he's actually had a match since in his US reign. Punk must be quite high too.
  3. Ziggler, Cody, Miz... Sheamus, Show, Santino... :upset:



  4. Sheamful top? :yes:
    Big Show second? :no: Or Ryback/Clay. :yes:

    Show's third, your boy Daniel Bryan fourth, then Santino.

    CM Punk is 10th, actually, but he has 12 wins, 12 losses, and 4 no contests. Really odd stuff there.
  5. Poor Slater. Bad year for him. :downer:
  6. Wow, it's sad how easy that was lol. I thought Santino would be around, he's winning unimportant matches but I guess they count. Punk was a tough one, he's lost as champ I know that (all be it unclean) but yeah, he's a modern superman I guess now. Sheamful and Big Slow writes itself.

    DB deserves his awesome spot. Need more heels up there.
  7. Poor Kofi.. Any time they need a face to job he is the guy
  8. WUT DUH HAYELL :booker: is Alex Riley doing right at the bottom, he should be upper midcard by now!
  9. Bad WWE booking. :booker:
  10. Wow never realised how many matches D-Bryan had won, in saying that a lot of them he won't have looked very strong.
  11. Sheamus is really good this year. How do people think Ziggler can beat him?
  12. Cause Sheamus only wins because he is friends with Triple H who is the son in law of the boss. The other guys are payed to lose.
  13. Triple H hasn't helped Sheamus win any matches show me a link to him helping him win a match Sheamus always wins by himself like wrestlemania he beat daniel bryan in 18 seconds with a bro kick
  14. Triple H doesn't need to help him physically. Triple H is the son of the boss and has a chief position. Sheamus is his gymbuddy. There are multiple reports of Triple H telling the writers "Make Sheamus the champ because I like him." Even though the writers wanted to continue the Bryan champ run, which was bringing Smackdowns viewers and thus making them money. Since Sheamus became champ Smackdown has gone down hill. Triple H has told the guys Sheamus has faced to lose or lose their jobs.
  15. Maybe if he is friends with triple h but I don't think so because they were fighting before and triple h beat up sheamus and sheamus put triple h out that one time. Why are they not tag team partners if they are friends like triple h and shawn michaels you know are friends because they were in tag teams with each other
  16. This guy is a very good troll :obama:
  17. Because they are acting? None of the guys you see in the ring are real people. They are characters based on character traights they all have. Daniel Bryan isn't a douchebag. Kane can't summon fire and Big Show isn't really a big bad guy (He is reportedly the nicest guy in all of wrestling.) They are actors acting out a script decided by Triple H and his wife.
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  18. Lol.​
  19. By far the biggest cancer in wrestling history, Further proof that Triple H knows nothing about wrestling or the wrestling business. Please, someone, get God away from WWE Management.

    As for ILikeWrestling... I miss being a casual.
  20. Rainman, he knows wrestling. He knew how much potential Batista and Orton had. He also tapped to Cena and Benoit at wrestlemania.
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