Spoiler WWE World Title Tournament Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Nov 9, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    The bracket as of 11/9.

    Figured we can contain our discussion about the tournament here.
  2. Why are Kalisto, TItus and Miz in this tournament? lol
  3. Because lol.
  4. Reigns or Ambrose FTW, I don't care who turns on who, as long as it's done, please and thank you.

    Fantasy booking: Cesaro FTW!
  5. Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and Rusev are perfect subs if you want to add some random midcarders in there, honestly. Swagger had a mediocre yet entertaining run as champion, and Henry smacked it out of the park.

    Also I tried refraining from using the real updated bracket since RAW hasn't aired in the states yet.
  6. Let's go Titus!
  7. Owens should at least make it to the semi-finals. He's been nothing but awesomeness, the last few months. The best heel they have.

  8. [​IMG]
    New bracket...
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  9. Okay, so, this tourney as a whole, feels like it was just randomly thrown together.
    As far as the matches go, they weren't bad (besides Reigns/Show), but they were kind of underwhelming.

    Now... How does Titus, given his win-loss record get a slot in this tourney? He's pretty much been a jobber since losing the tag titles.

    How does BROCK FREAKIN' LESNAR not enter this tourney? It makes no sense, whatsoever, for Lesnar not to be involved here.
    But, of course, they didn't even bother to give us a reason for Cena's absence two weeks ago either.

    How does Breeze (who I love) and who hadn't even debuted yet, get a slot to enter the tourney ONLY TO JOB?
    I'm pretty sure Swagger, who is a former WHC, was backstage and could've done the job. I mean, the dude's a get-nowhere superstar anyways...

    Why in the blue hell didn't one of The New Day members get a slot in the tourney? Just why?
    Big E is a former IC and current tag champ, Kofi is a former US/IC champ and current tag champ and yet Kalisto (who I like) gets to enter the tourney.
    For an example, they could've had Big E lose to, I don't know, Ambrose by having The Usos distract him or something. That way, The Usos/New Day feud for the titles would've been advanced.

    I think their obvious goal is to have Reigns/ADR and Ambrose/KO in the semi-finals.
    I'm curious how Roman's win over Cesaro next week is received. Or, they could have Roman LOSE by having someone from The Authority get involved (Big Show), but I guess that's just wishful thinking. There are a lot of ways they could go from here. I'm expecting Reigns finally caving in and turning on Ambrose in the finals and winning the title... Or we could get Ambrose turning on Reigns, which is also fine by me.
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  10. Updated brackets:
  11. All the tools except grammar. :facepalm:
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  12. Thought you were an Axel guy?
  13. I also have children, doesn't mean I don't correct their grammar when it's wrong.
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  14. Axel is the longest lasting Royal Rumble entrant of all time. Grammar is the least of his worries when staying in the Rumble is his main priority.
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  15. Yeah, AXELMANIA is coming for you ni......

    *future endeavoured*
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  16. Thread on a ridiculous tangent?

    My work here is done.

  17. The height of the WWE's campaign to aggressively try and gain an audience with stupid jokes and borderline porn.

    I like how they gave Kalisto an upset win. Maybe some big things lurk for him. Hopefully he gets a good singles run.
  18. I remember myself and Sharpy talking about The Lucha Dragons having a title reign that would end in late 2015, and then Kalisto would move on to chase either the US or IC title.
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