WrestleMania WWE Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DT-bomb123, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. So here is preview videos for every match for the WM ppv enjoy
    As dw these vids were not last minute, as a week was spent for them. If you add all the factors within it.
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  2. How long did these all take to make mate? Awesome commitment there, lol.
  3. About a week and thanks I guess
  4. Great videos right there.
  5. Nice. I personally can't stand WWE 12.
  6. Online is very poor
    offline is decent though
  7. All I played was their road to Wrestlemania. I hate that you have to be the characters they picked when in the previous ones you could choose who you want to be.
  8. Haven't even finished it. I'm on the HHH story mode and I quit.
  9. It's a constant backstage brawl tbh, I enjoyed the Jacob Cass story tbh with old school WCW getting involved.
  10. Nice video's man! Liked.

    WWE 12 is pretty cool imo. And WCW involved in the Cass story, just too classic and awesome..
  11. Lmao exactly the same as me.
  12. I :lol1: at the part where he no sold a jackknife powerbomb from nash
  13. Scrap RTWM this year it was based on other things instead
  14. Atleast let your own CAW walk around backstage like we allways could.
  15. Nice vids man thanks.

    And I agree haven't enjoyed a WWE game for a few years always end up so bored RTWM not always that interesting and the other main mode Universe as it is this time nothing seems to happen.

    Should do a proper season mode like on the originals with random storylines and such etc to happen with RTWM built in to it also be aloud to use CAWS and have brands completely created of just CAWS

    Sorry for going hugely off topic but nice vids appreciate the time thats gone into them.
  16. Shouldn't this go in the discussion thread? :otunga:
  17. :otunga:

    svr 2010 was the last game i truly enjoyed from THQ.Hope EA buy them out.
  18. True thing bro. You just could do everything by yourself. Now it's just wrestling backstage. No more interviews, no more in ring confrontations without having a match, etc.. SVR 2007 till SVR 2010 had the best storylines with your own CAW imo.
  19. I was that bored once I sent then a list of what to inprove on
  20. Nice, I was thinking 'bout doing that a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should do it after all.
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