WWE Writer Doubts The Undertaker Could Get Over If He Were A Rookie Today

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by the_hoff, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. Former WWE writer Scott Keith has updated his blog at RSPWFAQ.net and answered an interesting question about whether today's current legends would be able to become top stars if they were just entering the business in 2013. As much as WWE has done to develop talent through the NXT and the new Performance Center, Keith's answer exposes the huge flaws that still exist in the process. He was asked:
    Given today's environment in WWE's creative and corporate structure, do you think many of today's legends would even make it to the top if starting today? How many would be buried for trying to get themselves over or having more fan support than they should have? Do you think any would still get over regardless, such as The Rock?
    Basically, how do you think many of wrestling's (or at least WWE's) legends would be treated today if they were just starting? I shudder to think of how, say, The Undertaker would handle starting today.

    Keith replied:

    "The ropewalk spot wouldn't be approved in developmental, he'd get shit for not having a good body, they'd make him do goofy promos because he couldn't talk without a manager and they'd want to rib him, and then he'd get saddled with a Rhinestone Cowboy gimmick because he's from Texas and acts like a tough guy. Think I'm close there?"

    Bwahaha I'd love to see Taker with some kind of Rhinestone cowboy gimmick. Do you agree though, that he wouldn't be able to get over today as a rookie?
  2. Scott Keith was never a writer for WWE lol. He was a wrestling columnist who used to write reviews of all the shows and PPVs (which he called "Rants") and laced them with a huge dose of snarkiness and sarcasm. I love reading his opinions, though. He's almost like the prototype of the ultimate smark.

    Anyway, I'm not sure I'd agree with him here. You have to keep in mind that the Taker gimmick was a 100% Vince McMahon idea, so if we keep that fact the same, then Undertaker would turn out just fine. There is still the question though of whether a gimmick like Taker's would get over with audiences today. I think it would because it would stand out as being completely different from what everyone else is doing. Plus, in the beginning, Taker wasn't even supposed to be a literal supernatural zombie but rather just a silent and mysterious mortician who was merely "zombie-like" in his ways of being impervious to pain. Keep it that way permanently and all would turn out fine.
  3. I never said he was a writer. Just posting what the site said, brother.
  4. I know, I was simply referring to the article you posted.

    Speaking of Scott Keith, I went over to his blog and loved what he wrote at the beginning of his review of Raw last night:

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  5. Lol, Scott Keith's great.
  6. hes retarded
  7. I doubt the Undertaker would ever be the Undertaker today. That gimmick was birthed in the early 90s when cartoon gimmicks were the norm. I don't think something so cheesy would have even been tried today, but it definitely wouldn't have taken off if thy did IMO.

    That said, Mean Mark Callaway would still have been a success one way or another.
  8. That article was spot on, at least as far as i'm concerned.
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