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  1. We could post all the latest WWE videos on there like the Z True Long Island Story, Santino Marella's Foreign Exchange, Dolph Zigger's WWE Download, WWE Inbox, Outside the Ring, etc. I think each week there's new ones so I know this section we can post lots of threads (one everyday maybe?) and reply to those threads as well since WWEFanNation disabled comments on those videos. We could also post other WWE related videos on there from YouTube but not the weekly shows like RAW, SD, or PPV (those can go to their own section).
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  2. I wanted to recommend this too.
    It would be easier to find and the sections would look more organized.
  3. Yes, exactly. I know Crayo won't add any new section if there's no content in it but these WWE shows are always there and there's so many of them now.
  4. I havn't really seen much activeness in posting any youtube stories yet. I've seen a few "WWE Inbox" threads, but that's it. Since there is only a few stories a week, this section imparticular, would most likely not generate enough activity.

    Now, a subforum per say, under the WWE and WWF forum or Other Wrestling, would be pretty useful, and clean up those sort of threads a little bit. Maybe title it, "WWE Webisodes", or something similar?

    Good suggestion though.
  5. I understand most users thinking this idea would be great for WF. Fact is, most WWE videos turn into discussions about that superstar. Having its own section separates it from a section it's perfectly fine in and is further crushing the potential content that can be posted in our most active sections (WWE sections).

    At the moment, I personally think our WWE sections are perfect. Though I understand that you might want to have it easier to identify videos, if so, I can just have a thread prefix in each WWE section with "Video" with nice noticeable colouring/font.
  6. Not to be off topic but

    Why did you closed the Character Hiring thread? For the Federation X
  7. Just put it in General WWE section.
    No need for another IMHO.
  8. Was an accident. The thread was accidentally junked which closes the thread. I moved it back out of the junk section but forgot to re-open. It's open now buddy @[Thewindyfan]

    General WWE isn't the home of videos. If it's WWE related and is about a branded superstar like Ryder, it goes into RAW. If it's about a former WWE employee, or someone not on a brand it goes into General WWE.
  9. I still think a sub-forum under General WWE would be a good idea for this. Prefixes still don't really seperate the videos from discussions. Also, if we were to start talking about the superstar, it would be in the right section, just in a subforum.
  10. Yeah, a subforum would work.
  11. No a sub-forum is the same as a new section. Why limit videos to one section for?
  12. It's not like there is a large amount of videos anyway. The section wouldn't really be active imo.
  13. It's a video library. More episodes to come...
  14. As soon as a new video comes out no one speaks about the old ones. Look at the threads we have for ZTLIS. They aren't been bumped all the time are they? I just can't see it having enough activity tbh.
  15. It wouldn't be active as seabs said, and it just means less content for our most active section.
  16. Ok, fair enough. It does take content away from the current active sections.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion :emoji_slight_smile:.
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