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Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by iEvan, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. who here thinks as much as i do that the cover for the new wwe videogame (which is SO EARLY by the way because they just released WWE13) sucks ? i mean .. really?...really?!..REAAALLLY?!..really? the cover for the WWE14 is a man who not only has been NOT active in WWE for months, not only has he lost his WWE championship which he held for what? 2, 3 months? But also the jackass who still thinks he’s the man ..
  2. Here's The Cover by the way

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  3. Publicity, dude. Everyone knows The Rock (even the non-WWE fans). It's the only reason why he got the title in the first place, imo.
  4. I think Rock being on the cover is pretty lame too, but I'm not a WWE gamer. WWE need to market the game as much as possible, and who better in the WWE to market than a guy who has been in the top 10 box-office sales list for 15 weeks in a row? The guy is a megastar; a tool WWE can abuse.
  5. Makes complete sense.

    The Rock is a big mainstream star, been a pretty big box office attraction as of late (he's revitalized a few popular movie franchises), hugely responsible for the past few Wrestlemanias getting the buy rates that they did, and will be having his final match come next year's event. Who better to slap on the cover? It's understandable that they want to squeeze every last penny out of him.
  6. It's either him or Cena. Pick your poison, lmao.
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  7. Show Spoiler

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  9. I know it's all about business but... I'd prefer a Mark Henry cover tbh
  10. The only alternative cover I could see existing is The Rock being in the front center with Brock Lesnar and John Cena to his left and right. I probably would have preferred that, actually.
  11. I would stick Daniel Bryan on it and call it the YES edition.

    Anyway, it is a good move for business but i'd rather see a full time wrestler on there, even if it was just Cena.
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  12. I made this one I think last month. It's very basic.
  13. Undertaker should be on the cover of the game. When's the last time he's been on the cover of anything. Plus there's going to be all 3 generations of WWE in this game, who better to be on the cover than the guy who was a part of all 3 of those eras. Seeing The Rock on the cover left a sour taste in my mouth especially since he had his own cover last year.

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  14. Why are people so mad about this lol.
  15. 2k Usually does a good job putting the best players on the covers. Just saying :troll: I don't know if I agree with it, but it's not like the cover is going to make or break me buying the game.
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