News WWE2K16: Hulk Hogan Removed

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lackin, Jul 25, 2015.

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    It seems that WWE cutting all the ties with Hulk Hogan will stretch to the up and coming WWE 2K16.
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  2. WWE giving Hogan the Benoit treatment for saying "n*gger". smh
    By the time this game comes out, this will be yesterdays news.
  3. I know about WWE Cutting all ties but I never thought about the Video Game. But tbh it's good to see WWE having a zero tolerance policy about Racism even for their biggest stars.
  4. Yeah right. Michael PS Hayes is fucking still employed and he's a huge racist. He's called Henry a n*gger and only got suspended. lol wut?
    There has been comments on Flair being the next host of TE and there have been reports that he's a racist too. Like this fucking company, lol.
    I'm not even a Hogan mark, but fuck, they fired ADR rather than the racist Cody whatever the fuck his name was.

    This ploy to remove all Hogan content is stupid. The peak of this thing should have been just removing Hogan from TE and suspending his contract until this all cooled down. Firing is fine, but giving him the Benoit treatment? Get the fuck out.
  5. All of this just to make him pay for DLC once this all blows over..... SMH
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  6. Not surprised and not that I care.
  7. I am also not surprised by WWE's actions. A big company wants to distance itself from this sort of shit as much as possible even though they have to know there are other racists that work in there company.
  8. I'm sure they'd get some PR problems if they did nothing. There may be a lot of racists in WWE but they don't run their mouths on interviews about it.
    Anyway, not the first game without Hulk lol, there have been quite a few. Also I'm not getting it so whatever.
  9. Well it seems like it's... All crashing down, he must hurt inside.
  10. It's good WWE is doing this, they gotta protect their company. Racist people don't belong in WWE.
  11. 100% this. Worst case, a couple years from now he is back n good and becomes the must have dlc player in a must buy 10 wrestler pack for $20.
  12. And yet Wifebeater 3:16 is on the cover of WWE2K16! LOL!

    On another note, I can fully understand why they're separating themselves from Hogan for the time being. According to, "WWE lost $50 million on the stock market on Friday following the Hulk Hogan racist comments being released to the public stemming from a leaked sex tape, according to Forbes.Shares of WWE plummeted almost 4%, to $16.60. Before to the incident, WWE’s shares increased 14%, making shareholders $160 million."

    I think going so far as to remove him from the Hall of Fame is ridiculous, but meh. Once this all blows over, Hogan will be back with the company eventually anyway (assuming he doesn't kill himself before then.) It's all just PR to protect the "virtuous" image of the company, and I doubt on a purely moral basis that it even bothers most of the higher-ups in WWE very much that he made these comments anyway.
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