Night of Champions WWEF 2015 NoC Predictions Contest

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 17, 2015.

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  2. Thought you guys said you would be introducing DQ/count-out endings this time. :okay:
  3. Ah, my bad. I can revise
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  4. That's great, you're da best
  5. Better?
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  6. Yes, thank you!
  7. Totally just nailed it tbh.
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  8. Lol I have no idea I haven't watched any of the lead-ups so I just kind of did mine based on my intuition lol.
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  9. Should be easy to get a clear winner with all the extra choices. Unless everyone picks the same things that are correct I guess.
  10. Well, that would be a first, I guess.

    But anyways, we might as well fail on this one, WWE could decide to go LOL. SWERVE. mode. You know the cliché 'Anything can happen in the WWE'
  11. 3 months Legend + $750 for 1st place
    $500 for 2nd place
    $250 for 3rd place

    You can increase the first place prize here -> (send to me with the message "NOC")
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  12. I submitted. This should be fun.
  13. Done.

    Good luck to everyone who participates!
  14. Aidswinslol
  15. There's no "wins by interference"
  16. Well, technically if someone was to interfere you get 2 possible results:

    1. They get caught - opponent wins by DQ
    2. They don't get caught - person they are helping wins clean

    That was my logic adding those choices
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  17. I tell you what though @edge4ever - I'll keep that option in mind for no DQ matches.
  18. Well yes but that's not "winning clean" if someone gave them aid and didn't get caught.
  19. To you and me yeah, but not in the record books. Just goes down as a pinfall victory doesn't it? Maybe I'll use "by pinfall" next time then.
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