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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The Reagmaster, May 29, 2016.

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who keeps the name of Geek

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  1. #1 The Reagmaster, May 29, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017's another game that we took from TWF and placed it here because why not? so in this game, you just have to pin the member above by all means necessarily, and I mean ALL MEANS NECESSARILY! (pretty sure we destroyed the world around 6 times last time) And since yours truly was the last Hardcore champion, It makes sense for me to start this off so.....

    Reagmaster- 17 reigns
    Rydogg- 10 reigns
    WUKOfficial- 8 reigns
    B1Skit- 5 reigns
    The Frosty Blur- 5 reigns
    Waluigi- 4 reigns
    Tsar- 4 reigns
    CiV- 3 reigns
    Ivy Hale- 3 reigns
    Hybrid- 3 reigns
    WWEF Hardcore Championship- 3 reigns
    Wario & Waluigi- 2 reigns
    Crithu- 2 reigns
    CanadianR - 2 reigns
    Infamous- 2 reigns
    Vacant- 2 reigns
    SUPER BEAVER- 2 reigns
    Rowlet - 2 reigns
    Reagmaster's mum- 2 reigns
    Nickelodeon - 1 reign
    B1skit's head? - 1 reign
    RedDwarfTechy- 1 reign
    The Shovel- 1 reign
    The Box- 1 reign
    A Horse- 1 reign
    TWF(I don't understand either)- 1 reign
    Solidus- 1 reign
    Botchie Botcherson- 1 reign
    The Colemasters- 1 reign
    The Other JR- 1 reign
    Cousin Eddy- 1 reign
    Will Neilson - 1 reign
    The Monster Truck- 1 reign
    Mike Thunder & The Reagmaster- 1 reign
    Jack Rogue- 1 reign
    Kenny Omega- 1 reign
    Mikey the mudkip- 1 reign
    Geek- 1 reign
    The Scat- 1 reign
    Beaver Kryptonite- 1 reign
    Frosty JR- 1 reign
    Brother Frost- 1 reign
    Snorlax- 1 reign
    Hedgehog the hedgehog- 1 reign
    Sonic the Hedgehog- 1 reign
    Mario- 1 reign
    Browser-1 reign
    REMI PETIT- 1 reign
    Dat Kid- 1 reign
    Spooderman- 1 reign
    Sanic- 1 reign
    Spongebob- 1 reign
    Brock Lesnar- 1 reign
    Water- 1 reign
    LEGO Batman and Robin- 1 reign
    Luigi- 1 reign
    Young Bucks- 1 reign
    Triple H- 1 reign

    *Reagmaster gets handed the new WWEF Hardcore Championship by his good friend, Vince Russo*
    New 1-time Champion: The Reagmaster
  2. Tsar arrives with a cardboard TWF sign. Takes a shit on it. And slaps Reagmaster with it. He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

  3. B1skit sneeks up behind Tsar and hits a Roundhouse kick. He then hits a 630° reverse Atomic Leg Drop on Tsar.
    1-2-3, B1skit is Champion!
  4. *Reagmaster throws a teddy at B1Skit and pins him 1-2-3*
    Reagmaster is champion!
  5. Nickelodeon FUCKING KICK Reagmaster and covers 1... 2... 3!

    Nickelodeon is champion!
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  6. B1skit hits a Superman Poke and goes for the pin

    1..2..3, new Champion, B1skit!
  7. Tsar hits a FUCKING KICK on B1skit and goes for the pin!

    HE WINS!

    2x 2x
  8. @WUKOffical attacks Tsar from behind and WUK hits a FUCKING KICK on Tsar and walks away which allows Reagmaster to pin Tsar! 1-2-3!
    3 Time Champ!
  9. Thinking about doing this with the IWT. lol

    Tsar hits a FUCKING KICK on Reag and wins!

    3x 3x 3x
  10. You should. then I can finally be able to brag about a achievement:boohoo:

    Reag throws Tsar out of the universe, winning by countout
  11. Tsar falls back down and hits a FUCKING KICK and wins again!

    4x 4x 4x 4x @Aids Johnson nothing on me!
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  12. Fuck TWF bunch of copycat wankers. This site took a real hit when those remaining rats came crawling here.
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  13. @Drag @Indy kill this biatch
  14. You're a copy cat wanker
  15. They crawled here far before TWF died/
  16. You copied part of my post so...:smirk2:
    Worry about how I will fuck up IWT, that should be your main concern
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  17. Give me a follow. holla holla
  18. Don't need to mate. Pop respects/fears me far too much to lump me in with the rest of the RUBBISH
  19. B1skit stabs Tsar with a needle in his Johnson, giving him Aids, then goes for a roll up

    123 WINNA and 3 time Champion, B11111111skit!
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  20. Tsar has retired. Died. Revived. Fucked Pop Tatari. Died from 50 different STDs contracted from Pop. Revived. Retired.
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