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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Dat Kid, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Now I'm unsure as to how to do this, as you all know I'm no techy, but I do love this site. I get bummed out when it goes down like I'm sure many people do. A big part of my day is missing when I don't have WWEF as much as I dont want to admit that, I really like it here.

    Anyway I wanted to suggest that there be some sort of backup for this site, in case of crashes, cable cuts, and updates that'll leave this site stagnant. This has to be the 4th time we've had a period of maintenance since I've been here and it'd be just so much better if we didn't have it at all.
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  2. I recommended this a long time ago and he said :yes:
  3. Also by long time, I meant like 3-5 months ago.
  4. Backup site should be TNAForums
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  5. Don't you mean indyforums.net?
  6. CrayoSucksBritishDicksForums
  7. I'd suggest MattHardyForums! MATT HARDY DESERVES ALL OUR RESPECT!
  8. Glad I wasnt the only one bummed yesterday. I actually reactivated my twitter lol to check up bout this site. Btw cheers Solidus and Lady Deathbane
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  9. It wasnt that big of a deal yesterday especially for UK guys cause it happened at 10pm, I know sites where it would have have taken a week+ but I do agree.
  10. 10PM I wish it was down from about 7 for me. But ho hum I was just lost for a few hours lol.
  11. It sucked not being able to get on WWEF all day so it would be cool if there was some back up. It oughta be called TNAForums.net,that would be sweet.:yay:
  12. Absolutely not possible. What happened yesterday with the fiber line being cut is an extremely rare occurrence.
    Cloning a site and using the same database on different servers and networks is costly and difficult.
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  13. To be honest, 4 periods of downtime since September 2012 isn't so bad. We've only had one significant period of downtime and that was Wrestlemania, and that was just us not anticipating the traffic we were going to get. I am extremely happy with how fast the site is, and consistent our uptime is, and I can thank Solidus for that. No need for a back up when it's just an extremely rare occurrence that we're down at all. I liked your post because you admitted you liked the site <3.
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  14. Crayo the site is awesome we were just upset without WWEF yesterday lol missed our fix.
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  15. Gonna copy paste every thread and post into microsoft word and use it on skype the next time the site goes down
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  16. My eyes filled up with this strange wet substance when I got the message the site couldn't load.
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  17. Sorry, I'll be more careful next time :urm:
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  18. Forums down.

    Search on google "Wrestling Forums"

    Join the first forum that appears

    Somewhere in Cornwall, Crayo rages

    Problem solved
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  19. Sadly I was lurking wrestling forum quite a bit the day the forum went down
  20. I know who my friends are here.
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