Money in the Bank WWEF Books It: Money In The Bank

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The "New" Beavie, May 8, 2018.

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Who Booked the Better Show?

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  1. RedBoy123@

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  3. Sanic

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  4. The Reagmaster

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    WWEF Books It:

    Money In The Bank 2018

    (This is a test run, thanks to @Jonny Nostradamus for helping me organize this thread a bit)

    To Get into the MITB Spirit

    Or If You Prefer This


    Hello S’marks, marks and nerds alike. We as know-it-all fans always go “Hey, I can book that better” at World Wrestling Entertainment’s Booking. While I myself can admit I fall in line with that, I can also admit that it is easier said than done. Even then on this site alone, and countless other sites on the world-wide web, fans always proclaim that they’d do it better. So, it is time to put our money (in the bank) where our mouths are. The challenge, book your own Pay-Per-View build, create your own card, and pick the big winners and results. Then, 24 hours after the last Smackdown before the PPV, the cards are finalized and we vote, with the poll ending on the same day as the PPV.


    As of this moment, there are two options that I will do this for the future (if it becomes a thing anyway)

    Either ...

    A: Each month we only book from the last PPV WWE had as is, and book to their next event. This means we roll with whatever decisions WWE makes, good or bad. This means each month we start our own stories or continue/fix WWE's. You want to finally turn that one wrestler Heel or Face? Do it in a month or lay the ground-work for it here. Do you want to see a dream match? Set it up!

    B: If people stick to it and do it each month, we start as of this point, and each month we continue off of our own custom PPVs. If a new person joins, they simply start the Raw after the last PPV, going off of those results.

    Below, if you’re in, please state what kind of rules shall we go under if this continues


    -You must use the active WWE rosters. If someone is injured or is in NXT, unless they are called up or return before the event, then they are not to be used.

    -Your card must between 7-9 main card matches with 1 kickoff match.

    -You must include the following things for each match.

    The participants along with any sort of stipulation.

    An idea of the build in however much detail you wish to go into. (Can be very simple, can be complex, whatever you feel like is needed)

    Then the winner and how they won.

    -You need to have at least two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, a Men’s one and a Women’s one, or you can have it as three with a Raw Men’s, a Smackdown Men’s, and a Women’s one (as I have heard rumours of a third, although I have no clue as I am boycotting Raw and Smackdown for the week to heal after Backlash) if you’d rather stick with two, then feel free.

    -The last day to enter the contest is Wednesday, June 13th, at 11:59pm EST (no need to go with UK times, thank Gordie Howe).

    -The voting will open afterwards and I will make sure in the Original Post there will be a link to each post of a card so people may read. It will close at approximately 7 pm EST on the day of MITB, June 17th.

    If you have any questions to ask, feel free. If you want this to be a regular thing or just have fun and try it once, then feel free to join in and Happy Booking!


    WWEF Books It: Money In The Bank @Redboy123@

    WWEF Books It: Money In The Bank @MildlyUpsetGerbil

    WWEF Books It: Money In The Bank @Sanic

    WWEF Books It: Money In The Bank @The Reagmaster

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  2. So can we use Brock for this event? It doesn't look like he's gonna show up.

    ....I'll see what I can come up with.
  3. So can we start putting stuff together now or nah? (like from this week to MITB?)
  4. You have to consider that MITB participants have already been announced
  5. You can.

    The booking starts from as soon as Backlash ends. So as far as this is concerned, this past week for Raw and Smackdown didn't happen. You make it going off of Backlash's results.
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  6. Coolio Hoolio
  7. ....well now I'm just offended you skipped my question. XD
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  8. I think that is up to you, however I am sure you can find a way with or without him to use Bork Lazer
  9. As of right now, no. But if people are interested enough, I may offer up forum cash and if people wish to keep it going, then I will do my best to provide a prize. For now, the fake title of Booking Master General Genius.
  10. I'll donate all my WWEF$ to the pot if this route gets taken.

    How deep does the build have to be for each match? I have some ideas, but I don't know if I have the patience to think up a deep build for some matches that don't really need to be too deep.
  11. It's more understanding to the person looking at it how the match came to be. Maybe some fun build ideas if you do anything special, etc. Really it is however comfortable you feel putting detail in it.

    I mean, I can look at my forum cash and look for a decent cash amount for first place.
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  12. Alright, cool. I'll get to work on my card.
  13. Well with the money I was sent by a certain person, I am now at about $16k in my forum Wallet, so I may be doing a forum cash prize.
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    How I would book cuz i'm a smarky virgin

    Kick off- Cruiserweight title Cedric vs Murphy.

    Not much to say, other then it it will be good.

    IC title- Rollins vs Mahal

    Some people say that in 2018 the best position to be on the card is the first match. Who better to open the show, then with Seth Rollins? I'm not sure Seth can carry Jinder to a great match tho. Seth will be the fighting champion that defends the belt every week to the likes of Mojo, Gable and Ryder. Meanwhile Jinder refuses to answer Seth's open challenges. Jinder acheieves this this title match by going over Kurt Angles head to gain approval from Stephanie McLady Balls. Despite Singh Bro interference Seth wins clean with the curb stop

    Womans MITB- Sasha vs Naomi vs Moon vs Charlotte vs Bayley vs Becky vs Riott vs Asuka

    This match is full of hardhitting spots, to the point that everybody is outside of the ring passed out...everyone apart from...Just Bayley. As Bayley is finger tips a way, Sasha rolls out out from under the ring (where she was hiding for like 10 mins) then pushes Bayley of the ladder. Simular to when Sandow won the MITB. Sasha is the new Miss MITB.

    Smackdown Tag Titles- Bludgeon Bros vs Usos vs The Bar vs New Day

    This match is booked due to all three contending teams sharing victories and arguing over who can defeat the Bludgeon Bros. Bludgeon Bros win this match with one of their tag team finishers.

    Rousey and Natalya vs James and Bliss

    The build to this match would stem from Alexa making comments on Ronda Rousey's losses in the UFC and talks about how she isn't scared of her. Bliss will talk about Ronda's insecurities and criticism (Basically say what her haters say). Eventually Ronda protects Natalya in a 2 on one beat down.
    Ronda never lays a finger on Alexa as she abandons her partner as walks up the ramp watching Mickie tap out to the armbar. Alexa leaves without a scratch.

    Smackdown Mens MITB - Rusev vs Cass vs Jeff vs Orton vs Miz vs Almas vs Benjamin vs Bryan

    Looking at the guys involved, this could be a great match. This would be Almas debut as the reason why he signed to Smackdown was that he was guaranteed to have a spot in this match. Shelton Benjamin could steal the show with a crazy spot and create the narrative that he is too much of a risk taker. Orton and Jeff will continue their sporting rivalry with Randy hitting a rko off a ladder. Rusev countlessly gets close to winning to tease the crowd. Big Cass powerbombs D-Bry through a ladder leading to him leaving in a stretcher. Later its revealed that Bryan has to kayfabe retire again. And that leaves The Miz. Miz wins and becomes a two time MITB holder. Thats another CM Punk record we can forget about...

    WWE title- AJ vs Joe vs Nakamura

    Due to the result from the match at Backlash, Nakamura manipulates his way in to getting a rematch. Joe has stated that he is going straight for the WWE title. So, Paige books a triple threat. This is a good way of putting the title on Nakamura. Shin steals the victory ✌ with the use of a steel chair. He pins AJ to become the new WWE champion

    Mens MITB- Balor vs Strowman vs Lashley vs Elias vs Ziggler vs Zayn vs Owens vs Roode

    All the participants in this match win qualifying matches. Owens wins the losers last chance match with the help of Zayn (to make it up to him after Backlash). During the match Zayn and Owens team up, untill eventually they turn on each other. Braun and Lashley brawl all over the arena, meaning they cost each other the match. Drew helps Ziggler gain an advantage, however the eventual winner would be Finn Balor. The finish will be dramatic as Finn takes a leaf from Seth's book by snatching the case from Ziggler. Basic storytelling. Finn learns from his losses

    Universal title- Brock v Roman (Roman's last chance)

    Brock destroys Roman leaving him in a pool of his own sweat, blood, urine and faeces. As his Shield brethrens help him up and walk down the ramp in defeat, he denies their pity and shoves them a way. He leaves the arena defeated, broken and...alone. This opens up a new chapter and character in his career. Roman has dedicated his whole life over the last few years so he can stand tall over Brock Lesnar. He has failed. What Roman does next will make or break him. Guess we will have to turn the next page...

    If this was the ppv, I would be satisfied. But I can see that it has problems. Maybe 3 MITB matches is too much saturation. Also I don't think there would be anybody left in the crowd to watch Brock vs Roman.
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  15. "You need to have at least two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, a Men’s one and a Women’s one, or you can have it as three with a Raw Men’s, a Smackdown Men’s, and a Women’s one (as I have heard rumours of a third, although I have no clue as I am boycotting Raw and Smackdown for the week to heal after Backlash) if you’d rather stick with two, then feel free."
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  16. Kickoff show match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) def. TJP
    Give people some good wrestling on the pre-show and maybe they'll watch the actual show.

    Kickoff show segment: Elias interrupts the panel discussing matches and begins a performance there protesting his lack of inclusion in the MITB ladder match.

    Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship: Seth Rollins (c) def. Apollo Crews

    I see a lot of potential in a Crews-Rollins match. Apollo will order Titus not to be ringside here since Apollo wants to fight on his on his own. It'll go for around seventeen minutes

    Tag team match for the RAW Tag Team Championship: The Revival def. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt (c)
    The Revival doesn't buy into the mysticism of Hardy and Wyatt and decide to fuck 'em up.

    Women's Money in the Bank ladder match: Becky Lynch def. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville

    Where has Becky been the past year? Hell if I know, but I for one would like to see her become more relevant. This is my preferred way to do that. I really like the thought of her cashing in MITB on Charlotte to win the title and begin her run as champ by feuding with Miss McExplodyTit, whom I'm going to pretend isn't injured while booking this show. Key takeaways here are the interactions between Bayley and Sasha, Asuka getting ganged up on by most of the women in the match, and Carmella interfering to prevent Asuka from winning. Carmella is scared shitless of Asuka and does not want her lurking with the briefcase.

    Singles match: Daniel Bryan def. Colin Cassidy

    This match provides a conclusion to the Bryan-Cassidy feud with a second clean win for Bryan.

    Tag team match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. The Usos
    Remember their extremely disappointing match at the Greatest Royal Rumble? I wouldn't blame anyone for forgetting it happened. Anyways, this time they actually get to have a long match and showcase why their tag matches were so fire back in 2014.

    Singles match for the Smackdown Women's Championship: Charlotte vs.. Carmella (c) Asuka goes apeshit
    Remember how Carmella prevented Asuka from winning MITB? Yeah, that comes back to haunt her since Asuka beats the holy hell out of Carmella during her entrance for a would-be defense against Charlotte. Eventually Charlotte has to pull Asuka off Carmella and the two exchange a heated stare that teases a future match.

    The long-term booking plan here is to have a championship singles match between Charlotte and Asuka at SummerSlam. If we do more WWEF Books It threads, you'll see the specifics of how it's gonna be built up.

    "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) def. Shinesuke Nakamura
    This unending feud finally comes to a clean conclusion in a match that goes for thirty minutes and sees AJ win after Nakamura without a hint of any bullshit screams "I quit" so loud the arena shakes.

    Men's Money in the Bank ladder match: The Miz def. Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns, Rusev, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy
    Miz has been on fire for the past few years. Year? I can't tell, it feels like it's been a while. Nevertheless, he's a great star, a great character, and is without a doubt worthy of being a WWE Champion again. He's one of the few people in WWE that is genuinely amazing on the mic to the point where I wanna listen whenever he's speaking. The only other person I can think of that makes me feel that way is Joe, whom I love dearly but cannot imagine carrying around the briefcase. The same applies to Lashley and Strowman, but these three are good stars that will make for an entertaining match. I like having Reigns and Joe in the same match to play up to their previous feud. Cesaro, Balor, and Hardy are natural picks for this match since they all strike me as great in a ladder match. McIntyre is here to toy with the idea of a new return winning MITB. Finally, Rusev is here to capitalize on fan love for him. He, Cesaro, McIntyre, and Balor are all guys I'd consider midcarders that aren't likely to win, but it's not too far-fetched to imagine them actually managing to take home the briefcase.
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  17. I suggest settling on your MITB winners as one or the other, other than that, good.
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  18. Also in my booking I would have Finn hit the Coup de Grâce of the top of a ladder onto Elias who is lying on a ladder. Thats one crazy spot
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  19. Your suggestion is noted...& ignored.
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  20. Like, it was said that you need state who won the match and please don't be rude. If you have legitimate grievances, DM privately to me. It is just simply one person needs to win MITB, not "either or."
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