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It's time to bring a little creativity to this damn forum!

Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen, this is the (hopefully monthly) WWEF Design Contest. It is open to members of ALL skill levels.
Even if you have no experience making graphics of any kind, you can still participate! Everyone has a chance! Now, some rules and other stuff:

1. Absolutely no stolen content. If your graphic is found elsewhere on the internet, you will be disqualified. Your finished product must be original.
(Stolen content will result in a DQ. Use of specific individual elements, such as real logos, renders, and photos are allowed)
2. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, but no outright bashing of someone's work is allowed. This will result in either a DQ or other action if necessary.
3. No reuse of previous submissions; each contest must be entered with unique content produced by you.
4. The submitted content must adhere to the contests theme of the month. Otherwise, your entry will not be taken.
5. This contest will be points based to make it interesting and so members can divide up their votes on multiple submissions.
(Points are counted by the amount of likes/loves/cheers a submission gets. A "Like" = 1 point, a "cheers" = 2 points, and a "Love" = 3 points.)
6. Have fun and be creative!
7. The winner will be given an award on the site noting that they have won the WWEF Design Contest for the month of April in 2021.
Seeing as it is April Fool's Day when posting this...
This month's theme is

Your submission must be a parody of an actual PPV/Special Event poster produced by any major wrestling organization through history (nothing too vague or unknown).
Make it funny, make it weird, make it flamboyant, make it stupid, just parody an actual poster!

The winner will be revealed by the end of the month.

Have fun and post your submissions below!
(Troll submissions/posts will be deleted)

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