Music WWEF Room (Mods needed)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by impactking, May 18, 2016.

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    WWEForums |
    Listen to music with other WWEF members.
    Play Music, Like or Dislike, and etc.
    Join in and Chill out to music and chat.

    1. No song longer than 6 minutes.
    2. Music only no other videos.
    3. Anything breaking forum rules will lead to a day ban on the 1st breaking of the rules, A week on the 2nd and a full ban on the 3rd.
    4. Be respect full to members and their taste of music.
    5. . Nothing that can cause Epilepsy or Seizures.
    6. No Insta-Dislike. Let the song play for a little, who knows you might find a new song you like
    7. Mix it up(Non stop wrestling will be skipped.)
    (Will always be updated)
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  2. can i be a mod
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  3. Glad to announ[e I am the newest mod on the WWEF dubtra[k team. Thanks to Impa[t for giving me this opportunity
  4. (ongrats
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