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    Saw this on another site and was wondering if you guys wanted to try it out. EWR is a wrestling simulator, Everyone can sign up with their gimmick and I will make your file and make a show, I can write promos based on jokes and stuff about the forums and book matches. So lets try it out!

    SIgn Up Application:


    Thats about it haha


    Adam Aries Gimmick: Austin Aries

    Senhor Perfect Gimmick: Perfect

    NanoRah14 Gimmick: Seth Rollins

    Shadoxicity Gimmick: Ambrose

    DKJames Gimmick: Zeb Colter

    CrayJ Lee Gimmick: Emma

    Rysenberg Name: Brent Nixon Gimmick: MMA Fighter

    Nick1698 Gimmick: Mix of Fandango and high flyer
  2. Sign Up Application: Senhor Perfect

    Gimmick: Intelligent, technical veteran, personification of Perfect :happy:
  3. Nice! Added to the roster!

    Note: I will most likely add everyone on the site but signing up will let you chose your gimmick.
  4. I'm in.

    SIgn Up Application: NanoRah14

    Gimmick: Rollins' gimmick.
  5. Sign Up Application: Shadoxicity

    Gimmick: Egotistical douchebag,like the current Triple H.
  6. Thought you were going to use Ambrose's gimmick.

  7. I was going to but Adam is writing the promos so I thought I would make it easier for him.
  8. He can always ask you to write one... As he said, he can write promos, but that doesn't mean he will write them.
  9. Adam Aries what server are you going to use? The title says EWR, but now the software/game/whatever is called TEW.
  10. EWR is a different game and no server.
  11. You can write your own if you want.

  12. Fine,I'll go with Ambrose.
  13. DKJ, American Patriot.:zeb:
  14. I'm in!

    Sign Up Application: CrayJ Lee

    Gimmick: Wacky and quirky, like Emma's gimmick in NXT
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  15. Brent Nixon

    Gimmick: Former MMA fighter, quick witted but badass.
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  16. I have plans for you :yay:
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  17. I don't know how immediately I saw this thread I knew it was by you Adam. :mad2:
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  18. Nick, High Flyer, egotistical, trolls everyone. Guess Fandango just not dancy and more athletic.
  19. Mix of Fandango and high flyer? I like it!
  20. You saw it in Adam's status? You saw his avatar next to the thread?