Fast Lane WWEF Fast Lane Predictions Contest 2015

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Feb 22, 2015.

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    @Solidus when are we getting the predictions contest award back? It's been like, a year :dawg:

    My entry
    Show Spoiler

    Nikki Bella
    Roman Reigns
    Dean Ambrose
    Tyson and Cesaro
    22m 37 seconds
    The Authority

    Good luck!
  2. Roman
    Nikki bella
    Usos Brothers
  3. Done,
    My selections (open)

    • Rusev
    • Nikki Bella
    • Roman Reigns
    • Dean Ambrose
    • Usos (although I would like it to be TK/Cesaro
    • Stardust
    • 18m 30 seconds (Yo @Delik, can you edit my form for me I think I accidentally put 16:30 I meant 18)
    • 1
    • 1
    • DZ/Rowan/Ryback
    • No
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  4. Please enter on the link at the top of the post, you don't need to post your entries here, I just did so people can't say I edited my results if I won.
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  5. Done - excited for the show. We are on the FAST LANE to WrestleMania... Eh? Amirite?
  6. Done.

    I feel like I'll fail miserably on this one. lol
  7. Done. Probably all wrong anyway
  8. Mine's done.

  9. Ruzev
    2 title changes
    over 30 minutes
    Dirty Finish
  10. Why isn't there an Option for Draw/No Contest for any of the matches? It's always a reasonable match outcome. That's exactly how I think Reigns/Bryan will end up, but I voted Reigns since if there's a clean decisive winner either way, I'd bet on it being him.
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  11. Find me the last 3 times there was a "no contest" ruling on a PPV
  12. Does it matter? It's always a reasonable possibility, regardless of how often or how little it's done. "Win, Lose, or Draw" is the mantra when it comes to any fight, real or scripted.
  13. I went kind of okay. Only got one of the main questions wrong.

    Edit: Fuck that, I forgot about the divas match, shit
  14. @Delik

    Hey, mate. Have you gotten around to this yet?
  15. I was sitting earlier thinking there was something I needed to do on the forum but for the life of me couldn't remember... this was it! I'll have it up when I wake up!
  16. Lol didn't even realize this hadn't come out yet.
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  17. I've been keeping an eye out on it for a while now, actually...

    But anyways, can't wait for the results and see that I've failed miserably on this one. lol
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