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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RoyalRaven, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. As many of us here are gamers. I thought we could use this to talk about Video games, what your favourite games are and why you like them. You could also dicusss what your least favourite game is and why you don't like it. Plus with E3 coming up in June, we could see the future of gaming change!

    My contender for Worst game ever next to Brink, is Sonic the hedgehog 06.

    I can't put together a sentence of words to explain how bad this game is. So i'll just show you this video, which showcases glitches in the game and alot of these happen just through normal gameplay and aren't done on purpose. Not to mention the story made little to no sense and was worse than the tech demo that came before it.

    Now for one of my favourite games of all time! a Gem on the Gamecube no one here will probably even own or have heard about.

    It's called Gotcha force and was a gamecube exclusive game, it handled like a 4 player 3D beatem up, with alot of different "Gotcha Borgs" to choose from including Giant Dragons, Giant Robots, Flying Fortresses, Ninja's, Nurses, Cockroaches and lots more, Including some transformer like robots.

    It was fun, fast paced and was good enough to replay, the only flaws with this game are that the sotry could have been more indepth and the camera can be a pain. you can also get lost quite easily if you don't the reflexes to keep up with the action.

    It has a good amount of difficulty, so even after beating the game. You can still be challenged by some of the levels, even if you have some of the better borgs in the game. In the Multiplayer you and a friend could either go co-op or VS each other with a team of Borgs of your choice.

    Overall It's a good game, however due to the lack of sales, it's doubtful we'll ever see a sequel, which saddens me somewhat. So post away![/media]
  2. I know nothing of this.... What exactly are "veedio games?"

    Are they like Pokemon?
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  3. I like this idea. @Crayo make it have been!
  4. What do you want him to do exactly?
  5. a gamer section!
  6. I doubt we get enough content tbh, an Entertainment subsection may be more likely.
  7. What do you said @crayo ? I think a gamer seation would do wonder for the site. :hmm:?
  8. Tags don't work btw Randy, go suggest it if you wish.
  9. This thread alone has yet to produce content outside of the OP (well, content about exactly concerning video games), asking for an entire section dedicated to it is ludicrous at this point.

    Anyway, Riot you're right, I've never heard of Gotcha Force but it does look like it would fun. Not sure if it would keep my attention for a long period of time but definitely seems like it would be a fun waste of a day or two.

    Oh, and Sonic 06 was beyond terrible. I'm still a big Sonic fan and all, but the game killed the series for me until Generations brought my love for it back (in fairness, Colors looked great I just never got a chance to play it). I'll also throw out Superman 64 as another awful, awful video game. A little clichéd of an answer, but I played it when I was younger and it may be a big reason to why I've taken such a disliking to Superman. I've yet to experience the crap that is ET, but I do plan on doing it some day. As for favorites, a lot of Sonic games would wind up on that list. Up until Sonic 06, I'm pretty sure I've played every Sonic game sans the portable ones (which I've played only a handful of). Have really only played Generations (and the racing games if you want to count them) since then. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is probably my favorite of the bunch though, the Sonic/Shadow levels were fun as hell and I spent days in the chao garden. The Knuckles/Rouge levels sucked though.

    I'm going to wrap this up around here because I realize that I'm going to be rambling on forever if I don't put a stop to it soon. I'll wrap this up by simply stating I'm pretty disinterested in the direction gaming seems to be heading (sans Nintendo) with the next gen. Hardly looking forward to any upcoming games this year as well.
  10. I can agree with you on that last point, I feel like when I buy a Nintendo game, it's complete. Instead of spending more money actually buying the game on Disc.

  11. The worst game, of, all, time.

    My favorite game, ever.

    My favorite dreamcast (best system) game, and the first game i really ever played online (keyboard used)

    An awesome video with the game Maniac Mansion, the first game i ever bought (got others for birthday presents, had to save my lawn mowing cash at 8 for it :boss1:)

    This is an awesome thread man, nice.
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  12. I remember being pretty excited about finding ET for $5 for my Atari many moons ago. My parents bought it cause it was so cheap. I played it for 5 minutes and never, EVER, touched it a-GAIN.
  13. Gonna order either Tomb Raider or Far Cry 3 today. I'll also probably write up a review of Sleeping Dogs or another game I recently finished and post some time.
  14. I'd like to see that :3!

    And Aids has a very good taste in games xD. I might have to join in on writing a review on older games :emoji_grin:!
  15. Thanks man, 26 years old, gaming since i was 5. Let's fill this thread up and make it section-worthy.
  16. I wanna play the ET game.
  17. google atari box, or emulate. It's fucking terrible man.
  18. You really don't. It's horrific.
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  19. 21 years old and gaming since I was 5 too xD. I hope so :emoji_grin: It has the chance of being a HQ Thread.
  20. Aids, that Final Fantasy is the one with Kefka, right? The fact that in North American the numbers are different from the original Japanese always messes me up. If so, I'm planning on starting Final Fantasy VI/III soon. Also, I unfortunately never got to play the Dreamcast, I eventually plan on buying one though. And I'm getting pumped to play ET, it seems like an essential rite of passage for gamers and critics alike and I consider myself both. Since we're doing this age thing, I'm 19 years old and have no idea when I started playing games. I will say that my earliest memory is that of me watching my brother play Super Mario World as I pissed in my mouth. It's an odd first memory to say the least.

    My favorite system, if not taking backwards compatibility into the mix, would either be the SNES or the PS2. The N64 is also up there however the controller knocks it down a peg for me. I tend to play most of my games today on my laptop though, using my PS3 controller.
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