WWEF Hunger Games

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  1. I quickly filled this in with most of the guys I see in chat or in IWT. Some pretty funny stuff will happen.


    Post any funny moments in here.
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  2. [​IMG] Sounds about right.

    Lot of dead people (open)
    Shit went down
  3. [​IMG]
    Sounds accurate...
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  4. :emoji_cry:

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  5. Tumbas, Indy, and Roadie start fighting, but Indy runs away as Tumbas kills Roadie.

    Adam defeats Dat Kid in a fight, but spares his life.

    Adam and Dat Kid huddle for warmth.

    Solidus questions his sanity

    Aurtie steals from Dat Kid while he isn't looking.

    Jono and Dat Kid tell stories about themselves to each other.

    Dat Kid sprains his ankle while running away from Shadow #Countout

    LDB shoots an arrow at Shadow, but misses and kills Dat Kid instead.

    LDB won mine
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  6. Some fun stuff from mine:

    Confirmed fucking Retard Dojo

    Unlikely allies

    what are you a fucking pussy mate?

    I killed him the next day

    Came down to me vs THG

    fuck sake thg wins
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  7. You're the man @Drag!
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  8. Chalk 1 up for the iw3 :reigns4:
  9. Went from bottom to top:

    DK James avenges his fallen allies[​IMG]

    WUK comes through with the promise he PM'd people [​IMG]

    Indy hates his friends pt.2

    Indy hates his friends pt.1[​IMG]

    Nick the Dick am I right

    DK James standing up for #BLM[​IMG]

    A normal day for Punk & I

    Solumminati wins[​IMG]

    Solidus choosing which kid of his had to go

    Kid doing what he does best[​IMG]

    The Masters of drowning

    Indy knew what he was doing[​IMG]

    Death takes out his pent up anger over Drag's profile posts

    @Indy being the best big guy he can be[​IMG]

    Kid taking Jwab's opportunity like he did at Elimination Chamber

    @Solid Snake wanted to play Pokemon of course!

    THG doing what he does whenever @Mad Dojax visits his sister

    Me whenever Aids makes an incest joke

    @DK James hates beavers, all of them.[​IMG]

    @Solidus reminding @Adamska. of the CoD days.[​IMG]
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  10. [​IMG]
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