WWEF, if you see someone getting bullied or beat up, would you stop it?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. Like, for real. In mind you'd be like, "I'll beat the fuck out of them!" but when you see the situation happening, you're more like, "I don't want to be a part of that."

    So would you and under what circumstances?
    Like, if it was a group of 5, would you?

  2. That first one is fucked.
  3. not my business lol

    I don't make a habit of putting myself in harm's way over shit that does not have anything to do with me
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  4. True. I think if it was like two people, I'd go help out. Cause you know, two on two Holla Holla playa
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  5. I would join but only if Teddy Long announced the tag team match
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  6. wow

    that was gay
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  7. dammit. I will try to keep it straighter and more primo frank zappa
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  8. If they're hot I will.
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  9. Only if it's 100% victory.
  10. If it's between adults OH HELL NO!
  11. No, because then they would all go after me, including the person that was getting beaten up.
  12. Would have been funny as hell if the guy in that first video was one of those silent, bad ass types who suddenly jumped up from the bench and starting kicking their asses. Someone needs to write that type of scene in a movie.

    As for me, whether I would break up a fight or not depends on the particular scenario. Part of me would always feel compelled to get involved and save someone from a beat down, even if it wasn't my business. It just doesn't seem right to me to watch someone be outnumbered physically without trying to at least lend a helping hand to help even up the odds a bit. But if it were a gang attack in a school hallway or something, then I probably wouldn't. There's usually a copious amount of people hanging about in the halls, and in my high school, there was at least one police officer roaming each corridor as well, so I assume that any fight or beat down will be broken up fairly quickly. Plus, in my school, you got hauled off to county jail in handcuffs and then suspended for a week or two for hitting someone, even if it was in retaliation. So nah, you're on your own when it comes to school grounds... unless it was in the bathroom with no teachers or authority figures (or tattle-tales) around...
  13. I never go anywhere fights happen. I avoid places where they tend to happen; clubs, parties, bars, ect.
    If you are referring to a kid getting bullied, I avoid them too. lolol But seriously, if I saw a kid getting bullied, I'd call the cops. If I felt I could stop it by myself, I would. I hate seeing people fight, specially young girls and women.
  14. If I were to do anything, I'd find myself in prison
  15. I don't get involved unless it's someone I care about.
  16. You're gonna sit there and tell me you hate them FB pages with a bunch of ghetto fights?
  17. I don't have a Facebook... And I think them ghetto fight videos with people fighting like animals is nasty.

  18. Lets not insult animals ...
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  19. :true:

    At least animals have legitimate reasons :lol1:
  20. I've seen my dogs fight over a specific bone when I gave them each one.. but they nearly killed one another fighting over one of them. Great reason.

    Meanwhile humans can never have legit reasons to fight, right? lol, Brita plz.