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  1. The King of the Ring is a tournament I have done before on another website for 2 years and it's always a real good time doing it. I also wasn't sure where to put this thread so I added it into the most broad wrestling section.

    The concept is 128 of the greatest wrestlers of all time are put into a bracket to determine the best wrestler ever. The tournament is divided into 7 rounds with the following structure:

    Rounds 1 and 2: Standard Wrestling Matches
    Round 3: Gimmick Match
    Round 4: Major Gimmick Match
    Rounds 5, 6, and, 7: One night King of The Ring Style Tournament.

    Now keep in mind you're not voting for which wrestler you prefer but which one you believe would beat the other. Take into account the wrestlers overall career, their championships and accomplishments etc. and also the type of match they are in when that becomes a factor.

    The past winners of this tournament I've held have been The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

    http://challonge.com/WWEFKOTR2016 This is the link to bracket where you can vote on who you think wins. I'll probably leave the first round open for a week or close and then shorten the length of the rounds from there.

    You can use this thread to discuss the matches, post who you voted for, etc.
  2. So I'm doing all my votes based on best in ring competitor, rather than influence on the business etc. Couple of exceptions though and also considered mic skills etc in places but there'll be a major modern bias (and probably smaller guy bias too) from that. Also, I haven't googled anyone so if I didn't know of them they basically went out xD

  3. Who the fuck votes "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry over Hardcore Legend and man with eternal wrestling spirit Terry Funk?
    Who the fuck votes "I'll be a son of a bitch" Bobby Lashley over "Held the most belts at the same time in history" Ultimo Dragon?

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  4. El Santo is my choice to win this. No other man in pro-wrestling has had his success, legacy or dedication.
  5. Gotta say really shocked Sami Zayn is going over Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Probably because Sami Zayn is much more recognizable and such but Horoyoshi Tenzan is a 4 time IWGP Heavyweight champion and a 3 time G1 Clmax winner and Sami Zayn has......NXT Champion as his biggest accomplishment? I know it's not all based on on accomplishments but still just that comparison alone is kinda hard to make an argument for Zayn. Same thing for Kenny Omega vs. Togi Makabe.
  6. agree with you on all this except Dynamite Kid vs. Batista. You know the Animal would murder Dynamite Kid fam :emoji_wink:
  7. El Santo has a national holiday.
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  8. Also guys send this to anyone you want to have them vote, just let them know the rules and such. Want to make this a big thing.
  9. Lack of Japanese knowledge. I literally know of maybe four Japanese wrestlers that haven't been in WWE and all of them are the ones currently surrounding the ME. I knew who Zayn and Omega were xD
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