WWEF members as Wrestlers (new thread)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. This was decently sized before, but we have a lot more active members, and a lot of new members in general. What wrestler do you see your favorite members as???

    Be serious, and try not to redo new members. Otherwise :bury:

    Ill start. Crayo is [​IMG]

    Not as big as Xanth, but optimistic as shit and really into teams/groups. #teamoptimism.
  2. Aids is bobby Roode.


    Plays the jackass but damn entertaining.
  3. Leo C is Daniel Bryan - He makes the shit WWE product into HQ posts easily.
  4. Just to remind everyone, @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage] is Eugene.
  5. LOL

    jose tortilla is rey mysterio

  6. eve
  7. SUPERSTAR, noob!
  8. Aids, I think you made this thread just to take a shot at Crayo.

    Well done. *tips cap*
  9. @[Vince McMahon] is The Godfather. :lol:

  10. :terry:
  11. Seabs = Undertaker, always up for the big matches when it matters..

    Hoss....AW, just along for the ride :haha:


    Do someone else, and you'll get your turn. I promise.
  12. Hollywood Dolph'sZiggler: Jericho, trolling flaming piece of s***, though I actually like him, he's in my fave 5.
  13. Do they have to be WWE wrestlers?
  14. Dolph'sZiggler is well, Dolph Ziggler?


    Seabs = Steen, IDK but before I saw seabs pic I always remembered him as a Steen mark.
  15. Im roode, so no.


    both are taken already. Try to keep it to people that haven't been used unless they dispute.
  16. Thanks, wanted to double-check and be sure.


    Xanth is Freight Train

    Show Spoiler

    For you noobs who don't know Freight Train, here ya go. I'll save you a Google search.

  17. Farooq is Farooq. Cloud is Curt Hawkins. A total boss but isn't seen as much but comes around a lot for periods of time.
  18. Aids = Cena. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  19. Farooq = Bradshaw
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