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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Nickelodeon, Dec 14, 2013.

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    So, I thought this would be a fun idea. I use WWEF members as wrestlers, and how they do in the shows all depends on how they do throughout the forum. This is dependent upon post count, threads made, likes, etc (so if you want a push send me nudes). So, I've divided the roster into divisions, idk if they'll last or not, but here it is:

    Main Event
    Show Spoiler
    Crayo - Tweener
    Dolph'sZiggler - Face
    Seabs - Tweener
    Stopspot - Face
    Coon - Face
    Aids Johnson - Heel
    Rainman - Face
    Xanth - Heel
    Jonathan - Heel
    Senhor Perfect - Face

    Upper Card
    Show Spoiler
    Farooq - Face
    KLockard23 - Face
    Deth - Face
    Testify - Face
    GrammarNazi - Face
    Dat Kid From Jersey - Tweener
    Geekgoddess - face
    Shadow - face
    Rhod - face

    Mid Card
    Show Spoiler
    Gohan - heel
    Trip - face
    Adam - heel
    ArabHammer - face
    B Dazzle - face
    Gav the Chav - tweener
    DKJames - face
    THG - face
    Ovalhead - face
    Forrest - face
    Black Jesus - tweener
    Cloud - tweener
    DX2006 - tweener
    RKO2004 - tweener
    Nanorah14 - face
    The Hoff - heel
    ItalianMan3100 - face
    Friemasterflex - face
    TheBestShowOff - heel

    Tag Teams/Stables
    Show Spoiler
    DX - Dat Kid, Trip, Deth, ArabHammer, Geekgoddess - face
    UKFags - Crayo, Seabs, Xanth, Jonathan, Gav the Chav, Cloud - heel
    MP Guys - DK James, THG, Ovalhead, Black Jesus, Friemasterflex, Italianman3000, TheBestShowOff - tweener
    Scottish World Order - Adam and Ryan - Heel
    Team HQ Posts - Klockard23, Mustafar Reginald - face

    Part Timers
    Show Spoiler
    Solidus - heel
    Big Hoss Rambler - tweener
    Lady Deathbane - face
    Baara - tweener
    Rysenberg - heel
    Mustafar Reginald - face
    MrSackFist - face
    Action Jackson - heel

    Show Spoiler
    Danielson - face
    Britanica - face
    CM Punk - face
    Nickelodeon - face

    Hall of Fame:
    Show Spoiler

    Shows are Bi-Weekly. If you want to have promo or vignette PM me one and I'll include it in the show. I need some name suggestions, so if anybodys got some that'd be great.

    Show Spoiler
    WWEF Heavyweight Title - Vacant
    Tag Team titles - vacant
    Internet Title - vacant
    Intercontinental Title - vacant

    If I missed anyone or if you want to be included tell me in a PM.
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  2. I can dig it
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  3. Dolph vs Crayo for the Title....Book It!
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    Week 1 Card:
    Dolph'sZiggler vs Aids Johnson vs Crayo for the WWEF Heavyweight title

    DK James and Friemasterflex vs The Scottish World Order - Trip and Arab vs Klock and Mustafar for the tag titles

    Battle Royal - all mid carders for the Internet title

    Coon vs Jonathan

    All UpperCarders will be in a battle royal for the IC title
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  5. Hahah holy shit that roster is actually pretty bomb. Diggin the tag teams as well hahah.
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  6. HA! The MP Guys. I love it!
  7. I guess Italianman(A MP Guy) won't be in MP Guys.
  8. Added you. Didn't know you were an MP guy
  9. Yeah. Was probably Mp's Rising Star. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Bro.....I'm not in Team MP.....
  11. Didn't know you were one either. I would add you but that'd make the stable too big
  12. Leave me out then....
  13. You don't want to be a singles wrestler? If not I could add you, I mean the nWo had like 80 people in it, so I don't see why not
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  14. No...I mean leave me out of the Stable....I'm going solo Like Han Solo.
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  15. I'll try but my weakness is in making threads. Don't make that many.

    Nick, do all sections count? Legend too?
  16. Maybe. Idk if I'm gonna count groups because they're pretty much all spam. I have a very complicated system of how I'm gonna do this, so we'll see I gues.
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  17. Neither do I
  18. When will this start
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