WWEF Members to Superstars 2.0

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    A spin on a thread I made almost a year ago.

    If WWEF were WWE (or lesser promotions like TNA and other indie crap), which members would be what superstars, wrestlers, or whatever you want to call em. And make your own

    Here's my list:

    Crayo - John Cena
    Xanth - Santino Marella
    Aids Johnson - The Miz (I can imagine the butthurt when you see this)
    CrayJ Lee - Nikki Bella
    Britanica - Brie Bella (cause they both love cats, so it's hard to tell em apart)
    Christian - Paul Heyman
    Gohan - Eugene
    Deth - Fandango
    Adam - Heath Slater (and that's more than just a ginger joke)
    Lady Deathbane - Stephanie McMahon
    Farooq - Naomi (and he knows why)
    Jonathan - The Great Khali
    Dolph's Ziggler - JBL
    GrammarNazi82 - Natalya
    Danielson - Brodus Clay
    Dust - Damien Sandow
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  2. who are you lol
  3. Xanth = Tensai
  4. Who are you?
  5. y u no make me Brad Maddox?
  6. If I were to put you on my list you'd be Bo Dallas
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  7. :yes:
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  8. I'd be The Hulkster,right?
  9. I dont think It'd be able to put you on the list just yet
  10. And how about me? :okay:
  11. :hmm: Explain.
  12. I'm not on there :okay:
  13. I think I'd be Damien Sandow.
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  14. I'm the IT factor of professional wrestling.

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  15. lmfao brodus clay? Da funnk?
  16. You know i actually was gonna put you as that, but then i remembered your posts in American Dragons. The side of KLock others dont know about lol
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  17. insert based danny pic here*
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  18. Relatively new Nick

  19. [​IMG]
  20. Danielson Clay yelled at me :(( *calls Vincent*
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